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[Recap] GreenMellen’s 2023 Year in Review


For the past few years (2020, 2021, and 2022), our team has taken some time to review the past year and reflect on what we’ve accomplished together. This is a way to celebrate another successful season and springboard into the new year—in this case, 2024.

2023 marked our 14th year of building a brighter web, and our team reached new heights this year. It was a record year for active clients and revenue earned for GreenMellen. Our team grew, we moved offices,  and we created a lot of digital marketing content for our amazing clients.

12 New Websites Launched

We love launching new websites—everyone feels like a little celebration of accomplishing something great together with a client. A new website is a breath of digital fresh air for a business and can help move your company forward.

In 2023, we launched 12 new websites for small businesses—exactly one per month. Here’s a list of those websites in case you want to check our work.

2 New Teammates

Amanda Watson joined the GreenMellen team as our website support manager. She’s responsible for managing website maintenance and providing timely support to clients, working closely with the development team to ensure that any issues are resolved promptly. 

Cami Merges was hired as our new data coordinator. This means she assists our clients with understanding the meaning behind their marketing metrics—from website traffic to email open rates. Data is important to understand, and Cami leads that for the GreenMellen team.

144 Blog Posts Written

Consistent and targeted blogging is still one of the strongest ways to get your website to rank well on Google and earn more organic search traffic. That’s why we post to this blog and help several of our clients manage an active blog on their business website.

In 2023, we wrote and published 144 blog posts. That’s nearly a new blog post every other day. To help you set the right expectations for your blog, here are some of our top posts this past year.

Top 5 GreenMellen Blog Posts of 2023

5 Marketing Awards Won

Our team was proud to be recognized for a few different marketing and business awards during 2023. Here’s a list of the awards GreenMellen received during 2023:

1,023 Social Media Posts Published

There are plenty of questions when it comes to your business’s social media presence. 

We’re happy to help guide our marketing clients through these questions and more. We also manage social media for many of them and published over 1,000 organic and paid social media posts in 2023—which equates to nearly 3 unique posts per day.

34 Quarterly Recap Meetings

The GreenMellen team meets with each of our marketing clients every quarter to discuss platform metrics, content topics, and any marketing questions they have for us. This is our opportunity to sync up and ensure our efforts are aligned. These quarterly meetings tally up to 34 over the course of 2023—about eight each quarter. 

4 New Community Partnerships

We love the opportunity to give back and support local organizations doing good. During 2023, GreenMellen sponsored 4 local nonprofits with community partnerships:

  • MUST Ministries
  • AMA Atlanta
  • Cobb Chamber Marketers Group
  • WordCamp Atlanta

We also enjoy working with nonprofits as marketing clients and offer a discount to any qualifying charities who need a new website or are looking for website maintenance.

22 Podcast Episodes

The Brighter Web podcast launched in 2021 with co-hosts Mickey Mellen and Robert Carnes. Since then, we’ve published over 60 bi-weekly episodes, including 22 new episodes about digital marketing this year. Next year, we’re also shifting the structure of our podcast in 2024 to include interviews with local marketing experts.

Top 5 GreenMellen Podcast Episodes of 2023

17 Marketing Strategies Created

At GreenMellen, we firmly believe you should have a solid strategy before pursuing marketing, including building a new website. That’s why we begin every marketing project with a strategy.

In 2023, we created 17 separate marketing strategies for clients. This includes strategies for:

  • Messaging
  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • Marketing campaigns

4 In-Person Meetups

We shifted our monthly virtual meetups to in-person. To elevate the content and experience, we moved these to quarterly and hosted them at our new offices at Fireworks Co-working in Marietta. Our topics included: online marketing, social media, storytelling, and marketing data. 

More than 60 local marketers and small business owners joined us for these sessions. We’re looking forward to hosting more meetups in 2024.

1,356 Website Support Tickets Closed

Responsiveness is one of our core values. We manage more than 200 websites for clients across the country. Our average response time to a support ticket is less than an hour during working hours. That’s how good our website support manager, Amanda Watson, is.

If you want a marketing agency that will answer your questions promptly and keep your WordPress website maintained smoothly, reach out to us to have a conversation.

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