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5 Benefits of a Podcast for Your Business

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The audience for podcasts has grown steadily over the past decade, and the amount of diverse content out there means there truly is something for everyone. A Pew Research Center report shows that most Americans have now listened to a podcast at least once, and a third of us listened to our favorite in the past week. 

With the proliferation of smartphones and the ease of both making and consuming podcasts, it’s a channel we recommend our clients check out. We even have a podcast of our own!

Five benefits of a podcast to your business are: 

1. Podcasts give you a new way to reach your audience

The podcast audience is on the rise, and interesting content is easy to find and consume with various listening apps available on every smartphone. Podcasts are currently just a tiny fraction of other media options, so there’s plenty of room to grow your specific channel or niche and a surprising number of people who are searching for the content you have to offer. 

Competition for ears is still relatively low, and consistency takes a podcaster far. With 44% of podcasts comprising three or fewer episodes, it’s easy to beat the average! If you commit to your audience and they begin to look forward to hearing from you every time you drop an episode, you’ve got a fantastic inroad into their time and attention to your business.

Providers like Spotify now allow recording directly on their sites, which makes it easy for newbies to try podcasting. While it does take some time and effort to get podcasting right, the barriers to entry are low. 

2. Podcasts establish your credibility

Podcasts help you establish your authority and expertise with your audience, allowing you to go deep in ways other vehicles don’t. By speaking authoritatively about a problem and showing you have solutions, your listeners will think of you when they need help solving a problem.

3. Podcasts provide that personal touch

Showcasing your brand’s personality is critical in building long-lasting relationships with your audience, and a podcast is a great way to connect them with your brand. 

A podcast gives your brand a consistent and trusted face and voice that your listeners feel they know personally. These good vibes will translate into growth, customer loyalty, and engagement. 

4. Podcasts provide loads of repurposed content

Podcasts can be easily repurposed in several ways, including as blog posts and website and social media content. 

If you’re recording video simultaneously with the audio, you can repurpose video snippets and post them on LinkedIn or TikTok to extend the reach of every episode and build a stronger audience with every episode.

5. Podcasts give you a chance to rank in internet searches

Podcasts may not rank high themselves, but they give your business one more data point for the rankings to consider. When your goal is to own the first page of an internet search term, podcasts provide an advantage to boost your rankings. 

While a podcast’s reach can seem smaller compared to other methods of communicating your message, the value of the audience is high. As part of an integrated marketing strategy, podcasts can play a “small but mighty” role, bringing several tangible benefits to your business.  

Contact GreenMellen today if we can help you on your digital marketing journey! 

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