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How To Grow Your LinkedIn Presence In 15 Minutes Per Day

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LinkedIn is the social platform that professionals use daily to make new connections. For many small businesses, this is the best place to grow an online presence. This channel is where you share your voice, introduce your brand, and connect with like-minded individuals. 

Ultimately, your company will not hit the KPIs you set for this platform or see consistent growth without new viewers visiting your page. So how do you attract them? And how do you keep them interested once you get them there? We can help with that. 

Here are ways to improve your LinkedIn profile and presence in just 15 minutes once a day.

1. Full Discoverability 

We know you strive to improve your website SEO and by doing so, reach new consumers.  Invest time in boosting your LinkedIn profile SEO, too—this increases your chances of appearing in more web searches. But how do you grow a profile page’s SEO? 

Here is the quick and easy version:

  • Use keywords—these should be in your taglines and the about section on your profile. 
  • Complete your profile—don’t forget to add your business details and relevant links. 
  • Post long-form content to your feed—this is what LinkedIn is known for so it is more likely to meet the platform’s demand. 
  • Share updates regularly—this is how you keep your page relevant. 

LinkedIn is not the only social media platform on which you should boost your page SEO. Don’t feel overwhelmed by opportunity—knock one task out a day to manage your time effectively.

2. Consistency is Key 

You have the foundation down—your profile page is complete with all of your business info and you’ve added links back to your website in multiple places. So how do you maintain that? Consistently share daily content updates. 

Here are some ideas for evergreen content you can post to maintain your social presence: 

  • Introduce your business services 
  • Encourage followers to donate to your nonprofit 
  • Share your free resources with your audience 
  • Push followers to your website 
  • Show you are a thought leader by sharing your blog posts 
  • Gain new email subscribers by linking to your newsletter 
  • Motivate your followers with links to your podcast 
  • Grow your other social channels 
  • Share new ideas with fresh video content

For LinkedIn, some times and days work best for posting. Posting at least two times a week is a great place to start. It’s better to begin with less frequent posting to ensure you can keep up the cadence.

3. Be Responsive 

Being responsive is one of GreenMellen’s core values. We take this very seriously, and here is why you should too:

  • We understand that it could take a lot longer than 15 minutes to respond to every single comment, but dedicating some time to respond when someone asks a question or shares a comment that seems urgent will grow your visibility and brand loyalty.
  • One perk of responding to as many comments as possible is that it encourages new followers—people like to keep up with pages where they see frequent engagement. 
  • Be proactive when reviewing how your data is performing. You can monitor what is working well and share accordingly based on what your audience wants to see. 

Both of these will establish your brand as one that consumers can trust. Building rapport with your current audience will encourage them to stay, and the traction on your posts will encourage new users to follow along. 

All of this ultimately leads to boosting your online reputation. If you take the time each day to check in on your responsiveness, you are more likely to be in tune with your audience. 

4. Be a Thought Leader 

LinkedIn is the ultimate platform for long-form content. That means there is plenty of opportunity to share insights with your audience that help to position you as a thought leader in your industry. There’s also room for others to use this channel as their industry platform. Your platform and others can be used to your advantage—here’s how:

  • In the business world, who you know matters—connections are what grow your network. Find thought leaders in various industries you connect with to open the door to crossing paths with their connections. Mention them in your relevant content or comment on their posts to increase your chances of ending up on new home page feeds. 
  • Podcasts have grown in popularity because of their easy-to-access format and ability to work into on-the-go lifestyles. One of the main reasons podcasts have skyrocketed is that they are an excellent way to connect with like-minded individuals. 
  • Another way to boost your SEO and following is by sharing blog posts consistently. Don’t take this lightly—consumers expect to receive high-quality content from the blogs they follow. Posting relevant content promptly establishes your credibility, which can result in higher conversion rates. 

Being influential in your industry grows your LinkedIn presence significantly. Since you know your business best, creating content is as simple as sharing your knowledge and finding the most effective way to recycle it. Prepping content beforehand and using a content calendar can make daily posting a breeze. 

5. Stick to What You Know 

The last tip is to make your posts on-brand as you begin to share content. A brand is one of the easiest ways for a consumer to identify a business—each element of your brand works together to make this happen. Take a closer look at some of those: 

  • Use a brand voice—a distinct tone and personality your organization embodies while communicating. Consistency allows you to connect with your ideal audience and display your authenticity. Unsure where to start? We pulled together tips to develop a brand voice for you—you can view them here
  • Add your personal branding into posts as well—how can you execute that? This is where elevating your content comes in handy. Adding visuals to your posts is a great way to introduce your brand’s color palette, typography, and logo. Those are just a few of the most memorable must-haves for effective branding
  • Adding these elements to your posts makes them more eye-catching and recognizable. There are programs out there, such as Canva and Adobe, in which you can create a template that you can adjust accordingly for each post. 

After a few encounters with your posts, readers will be more likely to recognize your brand and follow along. The extra effort on the back end is worth how quickly you can share branded content with your audience. 

Download a Free LinkedIn Guide for Your Business

The personal and professional advantages you can see by putting the time and energy into your LinkedIn page are unmeasurable. Dedicating 15 minutes a day to the platform is just the tip of the iceberg. 

If you want to elevate your profile to the next level, check out this free resource for LinkedIn best practices. Have more questions? We can answer those here

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