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Blogging Expectations Vs. Reality


You’ve probably heard of all the benefits a blog can bring your business, ranging from SEO to increased sales, and we would agree that it is something every business should take the time to do. If blogging is something you have considered doing, be warned: it’s no cakewalk, but if you put in the effort needed to make content people want to read, the payoff will be huge.

We hope we didn’t scare you off from starting a blog of your own, but to better prepare you, let’s take a look at the top blogging expectations and their realities.

Expectation: “All I need to do is write a single blog post, and everyone will want to read it.”

Reality: Your writing is not special.

We don’t mean for this reality to come off brash, but even the best writers struggle with exposure. There are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there, and what separates the top-performing blog from all the others is how well the posts relate to the readers’ needs.

So, to reword the reality above, your writing can be exceptional and attention-grabbing as long as you’re bringing value to your readers and answering the questions they need answers for.

Expectation: “ I will make so much money from my blog.”

Reality: Even if you make money from your blog, you won’t see it for months or even years.

Blogs that generate revenue often need a more substantial following, which will take a long time to build. From creating the promotion of each blog post on social and email to researching topics that resonate with your audience, you will not see any money from your blog for quite a while. Be patient and attack each blog with a strong strategy.

Expectation: “Blogging will not take up too much of my time.”

Reality: It does take time to create read-worthy content.

It may seem simple to write a couple of paragraphs and take a few photos for posts, but it’s not that easy. For me, it takes roughly half a day to make sure each blog post is sourced, written, proofed and formatted the way I want it to. If you are expecting to create quality blog posts in less than an hour, we’re not saying it’s impossible, but it will take practice!

We hope this post didn’t scare you from writing blog posts, as the benefits of blogging are huge in today’s digital landscape. Remember, be patient with it and take your time with your strategy. You will get what you put in, as long as you remember that the reader comes first!

If you have any questions about blogging or need help starting your blog, contact the GreenMellen team today!

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