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How Blogging and SEO Go Hand in Hand


We often get asked how can a business can continuously boost their SEO efforts, and we recommend these people to start blogging. What many people don’t understand is that blogging has an array of benefits that go beyond improving their SEO.

Need more convincing to improve your SEO with blogging? Get the scoop about how blogging and SEO are the perfect match!

Makes You Look Credible

Fun fact: Businesses who regularly post blogs receive about 55% more traffic than those who don’t. Truth is, your audience has come to expect high-quality, relevant content from whatever blogs they choose to follow. With that in mind, a consistent blog not only looks creditable, but it also builds trust between you and your audience, which could also lead to higher conversions.

Pushes Fresh Content to the Web

In case you haven’t heard by now, Google loves fresh, rich content and updated websites. The one type of content is loves even more is content that’s SEO-optimized. There are plenty of tools out there to help you figure out the best keywords to target for posts (we use Moz). With the help of this software, select a primary and secondary keyword to highlight in your blog, and you may find it on the front page of Google for that particular topic.

Builds a Knowledge Base for Your Audience

The best blog topics are ones that solve a problem for your audience. That being said, your blog should be full of topics that elaborate on common FAQs you receive. You could have this on an FAQ page on your website, but wouldn’t it be better to expand upon these questions with a blog post? These will be great resources to send leads and clients who ask these kinds of questions.

Blogs + Social Sharing = <3

Make sure you add social sharing icons to all of your posts to make it simple for your readers to share. When your content is shared on social media, in Google’s “opinion” it must be providing some sort of value (which is a GREAT thing). Also, make sure you push them out on your social channels. Your followers are your most relevant audience, so start a conversation with your newest blog!

Improving your website’s SEO should always be a conscious effort. While there are many more ways to work on this besides blogging, it’s a great first step to expand your reach, engage with your audience and, of course, getting better rankings on Google.

To learn more about SEO and blogging, contact GreenMellen Media now!

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