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3 Major Reasons Your eCommerce Site Needs a Blog


Studies have proven time and time again that blog content on your website helps build trust, helps generate leads, and increase your authority online. This is true across all websites, especially eCommerce sites. As long as it’s updated regularly, these kinds of websites can see a lot of benefits with a blog, which all drive the goal of increased sales.

Discover the top reasons why an eCommerce website needs a blog as a part of their marketing strategy.

Answer Your Customers Questions

Think about people’s primary motivation to use search engines; they want to answer a question, solve a problem, or accomplish a task. A blog is a great way to deliver the answers to their needs, and if you can do this without overtly selling your items in the post, that’s even better. Aim to make your blog a knowledge hub around answering your target audience’s questions without coming off salesy. This will build trust and engagement with your brand.

Increase Your Site Traffic

Here’s a crazy stat: Sites with blogs get over 430 percent more indexed pages than websites without blogs. The more pages you have indexed with search engines, the more chances your site has to show up in search results (which is why we don’t recommend one-page websites for SEO benefits). The result is increased web traffic.

Also, if you take the tip to optimize your blog posts with keywords, these posts will be geared toward showing up in searches that your potential customers are performing. Over time, if your posts are optimized correctly, these readers could turn into customers.

People Read Blogs Before Purchasing

Today, many people turn to reviews of any service or product before purchasing, and this is the same with blogs. They have become an essential resource for consumers to help them make purchase decisions. If your blog is full of posts that include a range of customer stories, testimonials, or even adding photos of people using your product, this could help sway their decision to doing business with you. Again, the trick to this is not come off salesy or pushy, but rather inspiring or helpful.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have an eCommerce website, now is the perfect time to start your blog.

If you have any questions about blogs or how to make your eCommerce website better, contact us today!

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