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July 8, 2023


15 minutes

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Taking Control of Your Online Business Reviews

Online reviews are often trusted more than other forms of marketing because they come from neutral third-party sources. You can’t fully control your brand’s reputation, but you can respond to negative reviews and encourage positive feedback.

Why are online reviews helpful?

  • People trust objective parties more than your brand
  • People use online reviews before they make a purchase
  • These online sites make you more discoverable online

How can you get started taking control of your reviews?

  • Search for your brand name online
  • Claim all of the online review sites you can find
  • Audit the information to ensure that it’s accurate
  • Create accounts on the other sites that make sense
  • Setup email notifications for when a new review is left

What are the most common review sites?

  • Google My Business
  • Yelp (consumer-facing)
  • Facebook
  • Clutch (services)
  • Glass Door/Indeed (hiring)
  • G2 (software)
  • Industry-specific (Houzz, Upcity, Blue Bird, BBB, etc.)

What are tips for responding to reviews?

  • Respond to everything— positive or negative
  • Be timely— within a week or not at all
  • Thank people for leaving a review
  • Take negative comments to offline conversations

How can you encourage positive reviews?

  • Link to it from your website
  • Automated emails to new customers
  • Scannable QR codes in brick-and-mortar locations
  • Asking people in person
  • Can’t offer anything in return
  • 4.5 is ideal because people don’t trust 5.0 ratings