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[Recap] GreenMellen’s 2021 Year in Review


We always enjoy looking back at the year that was and celebrating all of the small wins—all the work we’ve been able to accomplish with our amazing team and clients. 

We’ve written annual recaps like this in years past (including 2020), so we decided to take some time to recount the highlights of 2021.

13 websites built

We love launching beautifully designed websites for our clients and we created a baker’s dozen custom sites during 2021. Some of our favorites included:

132 blog posts published

We love writing blog posts (like this one!) and our clients understand how important blogging is for a successful digital marketing strategy. That’s why several of them trust GreenMellen to manage their company blogging efforts.

During 2021, we published more than 130 blog posts for ourselves and our clients. That’s almost three posts every single week, and those posts were viewed more than 10,000 times.

1,489 social media posts published

Social media requires nearly constant content creation. Thankfully, we have a few wonderful clients who let us publish to social media on their behalf.

We managed a dozen social media channels during 2021 and ended up posting 1,489 different pieces of content. That’s an average of 28 posts every week across the board.

24 strategies completed

Before we begin any work on a website or marketing maintenance plan, we like to execute a high-level strategy that outlines all of the work that needs to be done. 

All told, we completed 24 new strategies for our clients during the year.  This includes strategies for messaging, email marketing, social media, and SEO content.

23 data scorecards built

We love helping our clients to keep track of their progress using data. One of the first steps to making that possible is creating real-time data scorecards that show marketing metrics.

This year, we created nearly two dozen of these data scorecards, which act as guides for the ongoing work we do. Click here to see a (humorous) example of how this might look.

1,159 help tickets resolved

Responsiveness is one of our core values and we demonstrate this by getting back to our support requests as quickly and efficiently as possible. We handled more than a thousand requests for our more than 150 active maintenance clients during the past year, and our average response time was just 29 minutes.

Our maintenance clients know that they can always email to get a speedy (and friendly) response to their technical issues.

11 meetups hosted

For many years, we’ve hosted free monthly meetups to discuss topics in digital marketing, website development, and beyond. This year, we decided to take a break during the month of December in honor of our January 2022 topic on self-care.

10 new podcast episodes

After an extended absence, the Brighter Web podcast made its glorious return during 2021. The new bi-weekly version features a revamped format and a new co-host—our marketing manager Robert Carnes joins Mickey Mellen behind the mic. 

Thus far, we’ve released 10 new episodes, including some of our (and your) favorites:

3 new team members added

2021 was a banner year for new GreenMellen team members. We added three new people to our talented staff during the past 12 months. Help us in continuing to welcome:

12 years of building a brighter web

This year marked GreenMellen’s twelfth year of building a brighter web. We were also lucky enough to be recognized as one of the top 30 small businesses by the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce during 2021. Thanks to all of our team, contractors, clients, and business partners who made all of this possible!

What did your 2021 look like?

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