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[Recap] GreenMellen’s 2022 Year in Review

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We like to write these recap blog posts each year (see what we did in 2021 & 2020). It helps us to celebrate what we’ve accomplished and learn from how much we’ve grown. Taking time to reflect on the past year is a healthy way to move into the next one with humility and momentum.

15 Websites Launched

Building beautiful and effective WordPress websites is our bread and butter at GreenMellen. It takes time to get it right, but we launched 15 new websites for clients in 2022, including Optima Signs & Graphics, Summit Heating & Air, and Sequoia Hill Settlements.

125 Blog Posts Written

Keyword-focused blogging goes hand in hand with website SEO. That’s why we manage the blog content for several of our clients. That includes conducting keyword research, filling out a content calendar, and producing finished blog posts with our copywriting partners.

All told, we planned, wrote, edited, and published 125 blog posts for our clients and ourselves (on this very blog!) over the last 12 months. You can even read our top 5 blog posts of 2022.

1,409 Website Support Tickets

GreenMellen manages a few hundred WordPress sites—everything from backups, updates, malware scans, and everything in between. This acts like an insurance plan in case something bad happens to your site. Or if you ever need to make content changes to a page.

Led by our website support manager, Michelle, our team responded to over 1,400 questions and requests from our clients. That’s an average of four requests per day; most of which were answered in under 30 minutes. It’s all part of our efforts to live out our core value of being responsive.

194 Active Clients

Nearly 200 clients trust GreenMellen to manage their online presence—especially when it comes to keeping their WordPress websites running smoothly. These companies fit into a wide range of sizes and industries, but they’re all treated with the same level of attention and care by our team.

17 Strategies Created

Everything we do for our clients begins with a strategy. That could mean a messaging strategy for their brand, or specific social media and email marketing strategies for those platforms.

During 2022, we completed 17 of these strategies. Each strategy identifies target audiences, key resources, and customized tips for each client.

58 Google Analytics 4 Installations

In 2021, Google announced its newest (and 4th) version of Google Analytics—the free website data tool. It was quite different from the existing Universal Analytics tool. In 2022, they announced that Universal Analytics would be sunsetting in 2023—forcing all marketers to start adapting quickly to the new Google Analytics 4.

This will be a smoother transition for GreenMellen’s clients since we’re already in the process of creating Google Analytics 4 installations for our website support clients. Our team handled installing the tool for about 58 sites as we continue to transition.

821 Social Media Posts

Since social media is still relevant to B2B companies, we enjoy helping our clients create meaningful content on a variety of social platforms. Since this is a never-ending process, we shared over 800 posts for our social clients in 2022.

Shoutout to our marketing coordinator, Amanda, for managing these social media platforms for our clients. She also handles GreenMellen’s own social channels—including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

39 Email Campaigns Sent

Email marketing is a valuable tool for any digital marketer. That’s why we love offering this service. It’s a good way to nurture new customers and positively impact your website SEO.

During 2022, our team sent out 39 separate email campaigns to thousands of subscribers on behalf of our clients. We specialize in Mailchimp and Active Campaign to manage email marketing.

35 Quarterly Recap Meetings

Part of our process is meeting with each marketing client quarterly to review metrics, discuss ideas, answer questions, and plan for the upcoming quarter. 

We lead 35 of these quarterly meetings during the last year. Each one looks different depending on the client, but the goal is still the same—being proactive in handling their marketing needs. 

6 Free Downloadable Resources Created

In an effort to continue to educate and empower other marketers, the GreenMellen team created and launched six free marketing resources on our website in 2022. 

These include a content calendar template, an infographic about marketing funnels, small business guides to LinkedIn and organic marketing. These are free to download (and ungated) so we encourage you to check them out and share with your colleagues.

74,358 Slack messages Sent

Our team is on Slack—a lot. Like many of you, it’s our primary internal communication tool. And because we primarily work remotely, we rely heavily on quick and asynchronous communication.

We ran a quick tally of all messages sent over the last 365 days and counted more than 74,000. That’s over 200 messages every day of the year. Internal communication is pretty important for a team that works primarily remotely.

1,043 Tasks Completed

At GreenMellen, we use ClickUp as our internal task management system. Along with our stellar project manager, Brooke, this keeps us on track and running smoothly. Our team clicked done on more than 1,000 individual tasks over the last 12 months. 

13 Years of Building a Brighter Web

Since we were officially founded in 2009, this year marked our 13th year in business. It may be an unlucky number, but we certainly feel lucky to have been around this long. And we’ve grown every year that we’ve been in business.

We’ve loved serving our clients, team, partners, and community by building a brighter web. Here’s to the next 13 years!

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