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GreenMellen Core Value: We Are Responsive


When I first joined GreenMellen Media in October of 2021, I thought our core value “We Are Responsive” was a cute play on the responsive element of websites and a fun way to explain that we respond in a timely fashion. But speaking with our agency partners Mickey Mellen and Ali Green gave me a little more insight on the importance of the philosophy to our every day. 

In a previous blog post, Ali touched on the responsive element of our core values, stating, “you will never hear crickets from us.” She discussed the reputation agencies like ours often have of not responding to emails and phone calls for days or even weeks. 

At GreenMellen, we don’t work that way. 

How we’re responsive to our clients

Over the past 12 months, we have received 1,367 support requests, and we have responded to them, on average, in less than one hour. That doesn’t always mean we’ve been able to correct the issue that quickly, but it does mean we have let our clients know that we are looking into things for them. 

Yes, we focus on a speedy initial response time, but we also don’t lose sight of the high-quality service we promise each and every one of our clients. We take the time to research any issue and find the best solution. 

How we stay responsive

One of the ways we stay on top of our response time is by staying organized and ready to react at all times. Mickey has long been a champion of getting to “inbox zero,” and the information in his blog post on the topic is still applicable today. 

While we use different tools for managing tasks and jotting down information these days, we still use the same workflows and organization tactics. Keeping ourselves at inbox zero means we won’t miss new service requests or important updates from the incredible programs and tools we use to keep our clients’ sites and social media accounts up to date and working in top condition. 

Why being responsive is important

As the web support manager, inbox zero and responsive customer service are integral parts of my job. Here at GreenMellen, we insist on responding to requests quickly so that our customers don’t have to question whether we are aware of their needs. 

No business owner is happy to learn that their site is down or even that an image isn’t loading correctly. The time between sending a request for assistance and receiving an answer can feel like an eternity. Being responsive means we never let our customers wonder. 

So whether you need some text changed or some internet goblin has gotten hold of the deep inner workings of your website, trust that GreenMellen Media will respond when you request help, and we will keep you updated on progress as needed. 

Let us be responsive for you

I hope you find value in our approach to treating our clients with their best interests in mind. As an agency, we work very hard to shape our services in a way that gives our clients the freedom and choices they deserve.

In addition to being responsive, our other core values are:

  • We are always improving.
  • We do the right thing.
  • We share our expertise.
  • We think outside the box.

Interested in learning more about what makes GreenMellen unique? Click here to connect with us! (We’ll see how long it takes to get back in touch with you.)

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