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Michelle Merrill

Web Support Manager

Michelle’s love for web started when she was a teenager — as a result she has been designing and developing sites for more than 20 years. Her extensive career in communication and website development has led Michelle to her ideal position as the Website Support Manager at GreenMellen. She is able to use her passion for problem solving and her attention to detail to maintain and update over 150 managed websites in GreenMellen’s portfolio.

A graduate from UGA with a degree in English, Michelle is also a writer, published children’s book author, and editor.

Michelle has three human children and two furry ones that she loves to spend time with. Her favorite fandoms include LotR, Doctor Who, and the MCU.

  • Enneagram Number 2 (The Giver)
  • Hometown Woodstock, GA
  • Random Fact I was once serenaded by William Shatner
  • Top 5 Songs Listen on Spotify

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