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Amanda Watson

Web Support Manager

Amanda is GreenMellen’s Website Support Manager. She obtained her degree in Web Design/IT from Kennesaw State University, where she developed a passion for web development and user experience design.

As website support manager, she is responsible for managing website maintenance and providing timely support to clients, working closely with the development team to ensure that any issues are resolved promptly. Her exceptional technical skills, keen eye for detail, and customer service play a significant role in assisting clients with their website needs.

In her spare time, Amanda loves spending time with her family, taking trips to the mountains and going to the park with her kids.

  • Enneagram Number 3 (The Achiever)
  • Hometown Rome, Ga
  • Random Fact I love lifting weights

Leveraging Internal Links to Make Your Website Even More Powerful

Most everything we do when designing a powerful, effective website benefits two main audiences: a site’s users and Google. Internal and external hyperlinks within well-written website copy benefit both audiences, ultimately helping you serve your customers better and improve their experience while engaging with your…
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Think Digital Marketing is Environmentally Friendly? You’d Be Surprised

Many modern businesses focus on sustainability and being environmentally friendly because consumers are increasingly concerned about this. You may be familiar with the triple bottom line concept of profit, people, and planet. Marketing is no exception to this trend. Business leaders make marketing decisions partly…
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Common Marketing Problem: Your Brand Doesn’t Properly Reflect The Business

Let’s explore a critical aspect of your business that might be flying under the radar: your brand.  While it’s easy to overlook amidst the hustle and bustle of daily operations, your brand serves as the cornerstone of your identity in the marketplace. It’s how your…
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