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Ashlea Lanier

Lead Developer

Ashlea’s gift is the ability to formulate the technical approaches that bring objectives to life. A graduate of O’More College of Design, her inventive balancing of the design and technical aspects of development is what makes GreenMellen projects so successful.

  • Enneagram Number 1 (Reformer)
  • Hometown Scottsboro, AL
  • Random Fact I'm a True Crime super fan
  • Top 5 Songs Listen on Spotify

Why We Use Custom Post Types On Our Client Websites

When we begin a website strategy, one thing we consider as we look at the new sitemap is whether or not to integrate a Custom Post Type (CPT). Using a Custom Post Type can help with a variety of things, from content hierarchy to future…
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5 Principles for an Engaging Web Page Layout

When starting a new website project, a homepage is usually the star of the show. It’s the first thing we wireframe and the first page designed. And rightfully so – it’s the front page, and it sets the standard for the rest of the website.…
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Why WordPress?

At GreenMellen, we are great advocates for WordPress. We use the popular CMS on each site we build and train clients to use it themselves after their website has launched. As a developer, I’ve worked with WordPress for the last nine years. Over that time,…
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