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Why We Use Custom Post Types On Our Client Websites


When we begin a website strategy, one thing we consider as we look at the new sitemap is whether or not to integrate a Custom Post Type (CPT). Using a Custom Post Type can help with a variety of things, from content hierarchy to future website growth.

What is a Custom Post Type?

A Post Type is a term used to describe different types of content within WordPress. For example, Pages and Posts are both Post Types. WordPress comes standard with a few Post Types, but most of the time, we find ourselves limited by those and want to expand the capabilities with something more custom.

Additional post types can be added with plugins or custom code. At GreenMellen, we use custom code to create our Custom Post Types, which are specific to each client’s need.

Focus on Special Content

Custom Post Types are great for content like staff/team pages, careers pages, or testimonials. Instead of nesting dozens of Pages for a staff page, a Custom Post Type makes it easy to create a section in the dashboard dedicated specifically to your team pages. From there, we can add custom fields that enhance your staff bios. Using these custom fields, we can create templates to showcase your team or testimonials on your site.

Simplifying On-Going Edits

One of the most significant advantages of CPTs is the ease of updating the content going forward. There’s no need to worry about fonts, colors, or layout. Our clients can simply fill in a few fields and create a beautiful new post that looks consistent with the rest of the website.

Future Website Growth

Another benefit of a CPT is the potential for website growth. For instance, creating a nice section for clients to include projects in their portfolio as their work continues to grow. Or they are building a robust resource library where future articles and resources can live. These CPTs allow the client to use our strategy and design going forward to create more and more indexable content on their site – all while keeping a consistent look online.

We can also expand a Custom Post Type to give the site even more functionality. A Careers CPT could be a great place to add new categories and create a filtered page for users to sort through job opportunities. Building a CPT with growth in mind helps our clients’ websites live and grow with their business.

At the end of a web project, we want to ensure our websites are easy to edit for our clients and easy to use for their users. To learn more about partnering with us on growing your current website, building a new one, or creating a custom plan for your business’s needs, contact us today!

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