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June 22, 2023


8 minutes

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Make Your Marketing More Sustainable with Evergreen Content

Constantly cranking out new marketing content gets exhausting quickly. Using evergreen content that can be recycled makes the content marketing rat race a little more sustainable. Here’s some approaches for how to create and use evergreen content in your business.

What is evergreen content?

  • Topics that you can talk about at any point during the year
  • Different from timely content that’s only relevant for a short period
  • Evergreen content might change over time, but has a long shelf life

Why is this beneficial?

  • It saves you from having to constantly generate new content
  • It reinforces the most important themes in your business
  • It gives you content to fill in during slower times
  • It allows you to plan your content out in advance

How do you come up with evergreen topics?

  • Think about the things you talk about often
  • Consider what’s always relevant to your business over the long term
  • Start with a short list and add to it over time
  • These can be educational or promotional

What are some examples?

  • Your main product or service offerings
  • Your company’s core values
  • Your team members or company history
  • Partner organizations
  • Cross-promoting your marketing channels (eg. blog, newsletter, etc.)
  • Your main calls to action

How do you use evergreen content?

  • Come up with a list of topics
  • Write up a blurb that’s easy to share with a link if applicable
  • Save this content in an accessible space for your team
  • Sprinkle these posts in your content calendar for various platforms
  • Revisit annually to see how it needs to be updated or expanded