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May 25, 2023


9 minutes

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Connecting Digital and Traditional Marketing Channels

Believe it or not, there’s more to marketing than digital media. Websites can coexist with billboards, and email doesn’t replace direct mail. The best marketers learn how to leverage both of these types of marketing to work together.

Why should people care about non-digital channels?

  • Because some can be effective.
  • Not everything can (or should) be digital. You should have a balance of offline, too.
  • While we’re a digital marketing firm, our main goal is to do whatever is best for our clients.
  • If that means using offline methods, so be it.

What are examples of offline channels to pay attention to?

  • Direct mail
    • Mailboxes are emptier than before.
    • “Lumpy mail” can be very effective.
    • It’s slower and more expensive than email.
  • Events
    • Speaking, tradeshows, conferences, networking, meeting folks, etc.
    • This is a great way to connect directly with people.
    • These require traveling and talking to humans.

What do offline channels have that digital platforms don’t?

  • More of a personal touch.
  • Zoom can be excellent, but it’s nothing close to an in-person interaction.
  • They can survive an EMP.
  • These channels can interact with your digital ones.

What’s the best way to balance offline and online?

  • I try to bring one to the other.
  • We’re using online tools to drive people to our offline Meetups.
  • Eg.I spoke at an offline event last week, but then connected with people online afterward.
  • QR codes are another good way to point offline people back to online.

How can you effectively start to connect offline and online?

  • Be intentional.
  • I’m careful to “process” after events.
  • With that speaking event last week, I took time to record notes (from paper) into Obsidian, add new contacts to my phone contacts, and connect with folks on LinkedIn.