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August 3, 2023


11 minutes

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Maximize Customer Testimonials and Case Studies For Your Business

Customer testimonials and case studies are everywhere within marketing. But what’s the difference between these two things, and how can your business use them? Let’s unpack how to maximize your customer stories.

What’s the difference between testimonials and case studies?

  • Testimonials are direct quotes from your customers, clients, or vendors.
  • Case studies are more in-depth examinations of a specific project with a client.
  • Testimonials are better to be short; case studies can be longer.

Why are both important in marketing?

  • People trust others more than what businesses say about themselves.
  • Keep in mind, that even testimonials can be skewed and biased.
  • Offer a range of reviews—balance the good and the bad.
  • Some brands have used negative feedback to set themselves apart. (eg. Liquid Death)

Where can you use each one?

  • Testimonials can be shared fairly widely.
    • In blog posts
    • On web pages
    • On social media
    • In videos
    • Within case studies
  • Their short nature means they’re more flexible.
  • Case studies are better off on your website—as a landing page or downloadable PDF.
  • You can point all of these other marketing channels back to the case study.

How can you source testimonials?

  • Ask clients directly – be sure to get permission either way!
  • Online reviews
  • Customer surveys
  • Social comments
  • Email responses
  • Anywhere your ideal customers connect with you

What format should your case study take?

  • About the client
  • Their problem
  • How they found you
  • What you did for them
  • The results