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Content Marketing

[ROUNDUP]: GreenMellen’s 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2020

There are so many different things we could say about 2020. You’ve heard all of the adjectives ad nauseum—unprecedented, challenging, bizarre, etc.  And as um……

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4 Website Copywriting Tips for Beginners

Your website content serves multiple purposes, but ultimately, it will be the main deciding factor if users want to work with you. Strong website content…

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Here’s the Formula for a Perfect Blog Post

One of the easiest ways to create original, valuable content for your audience is by blogging, but for many, it’s not as easy as it…

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Content Marketing Mistakes You’re Making on Your Website

Content marketing has proven to be one of the most important aspects of a website, yet it is undermined as an afterthought by many businesses….

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Creating a Customer Feedback Email People Will Respond To

Collecting qualitative, useful feedback from your customers is a meaningful way to gain insight into improving your products, services or business. While there are many…

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Should You Update, Rewrite or Delete Outdated Content?

If you are an avid reader of our blog, you know we’ve discussed the importance of fresh, valuable website content for not only SEO benefits,…

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Take Your Content Marketing to the Next Level

Content has proven to be extremely important in all facets of marketing, yet many marketers still miss the mark to create content that converts. To…

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What is a Content Outline for a Website?

A standard “chicken or the egg” situation we come across here at GreenMellen is whether we create content before designing wireframes or vice versa. There…

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Get In Your Audience’s Head for Effective Marketing

The phrase “know your audience” is marketing, business, and success 101, yet it’s astonishing how many businesses ignore their buyers’ characteristics when creating their marketing…

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Here’s Your One Hour Website Content Makeover

We’ve learned in our almost ten years of building a brighter web that there is one piece of the website puzzle that always takes the…

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Blogging Expectations Vs. Reality

You’ve probably heard of all the benefits a blog can bring your business, ranging from SEO to increased sales, and we would agree that it…

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Stats That Will Help You Send Out Your Emails

A question we regularly get in regards to email marketing is when’s the best time an email should be sent. When your emails are delivered…

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The Guide to Getting More Links to Your Website

If you’ve thoroughly researched search engine optimization (SEO), you’ll learn that getting other sites to link to yours is a critical piece to ranking well….

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How to Save Time on Content Creation

Content creation needs to be a part of your ongoing marketing efforts, as it brings a plethora of benefits for your business. No matter if…

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6 Content Marketing Myths You Need to Know

The term “fake news” seems to be a phrase we hear every day, but it doesn’t apply to just trending topics. In the digital marketing…

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