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4 Website Copywriting Tips for Beginners


Your website content serves multiple purposes, but ultimately, it will be the main deciding factor if users want to work with you. Strong website content not only speaks directly to your customers, but it positions your business as the clear winner for their needs. 

Writing website content doesn’t come easy for many, so we’re here to share our top website copywriting tips for beginners.

Be Direct and Powerful

There are too many websites that include flashy statements that lack substance. We’re sure your business can save people time or increase their bottom line, but if you neglect to say how you do this, you’re creating more fluff in your content. 

That’s why successful website copy is always direct and bold. It tells users exactly how they can make their lives better and gives supporting, powerful statements that back it up (such as statistics, testimonials, etc.). 

By doing this, users will instantly see your value because they clearly understand how you can bring them the benefits they desire. 

When writing your content, ignore the fluff, and get to the point of your value. 

Focus on the Benefits, Not the Features

Like we just mentioned in the last point, users want to clearly understand how you can improve their lives. Sometimes, business owners confuse this “how” statement and say, “it’s all possible because of these awesome features….” 

While features of any product or service are essential to mention, users might not see your value if you mention the features too quickly. No matter how spectacular your product or service’s features are, they become obsolete if your audience doesn’t understand how it can help them.

That’s why you need to focus on the benefits more than your features. While we’re not suggesting removing them from your website copy, you should lead with the benefits through your homepage copy and headlines and include the features on pages that are appropriate (such as the individual product/service pages).  

Write Like a Human

When business owners write copy for their website, they might try to use big words, industry buzzwords or jargon, or convoluted phrases or statements to wow their readers. They throw their brand voice out the window and suddenly become “robots” when writing the headlines and body copy of their web pages. 

What makes it even worse is when SEO becomes a factor, and they try to add in a specific keyword into their copy. While SEO is undoubtedly important to consider, writing like an actual human being needs to be the priority. 

Remember, your website content needs to speak to your customers, and think of this copy like a casual conversation about your product or services. You would never describe your services as “cutting-edge, ultra-defining services in the metro Atlanta area” when speaking to someone in person; be genuine, authentic, and aim to be relatable. 

Make Your Copy Skimmable

We’ve discussed this tip in multiple posts, but website content has to be skimmable because readers do not read every single word online. They scan the text to find what they’re looking for quickly, and they are often scared off by big, massive blocks of text. 

Keep it easy for your users by formatting your text in a way that encourages them to eye down the page. The best ways to accomplish this is by incorporating:

  • Headings and subheadings
  • Bullet and numbered lists
  • Adding images and videos to support the text
  • Smaller paragraphs

By adding these, you will keep your readers engaged and willing to stay on your website.

BONUS TIP: When in Doubt, Hire a Professional

Website copywriting is both time consuming and a headache for some, and if you’re feeling overwhelmed about the idea of writing your website’s copy, hiring a professional copywriter is a smart investment. 

Not only will they follow these mentioned best practices, but they will also draft this content quickly. The quicker you have purposeful, well-written content on your website, the quicker you can convert users to leads and leads into customers.

However, if you decide to take on your website copy yourself, these four tips will help you create strong website copy worth reading!

If you have any questions about website copywriting or would like some assistance with your writing, contact GreenMellen today!

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