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Take Your Content Marketing to the Next Level


Content has proven to be extremely important in all facets of marketing, yet many marketers still miss the mark to create content that converts. To take your content marketing to the next level, all your efforts need to be read-worthy content that your audience craves and saying that is easier said than done.

Here are the most impactful ways to take your content marketing efforts to the next level.

Take Online and Offline Trends into Consideration

If you want your content to get as much exposure as possible, you need to take relevant online and offline trends into consideration. An example of this would be using a current event and incorporating it into a blog post or social media comments.

By having your brand be a part of the conversation (without being controversial), it gives you more humanity instead of a business looking for business.

Don’t Try to Sell All the Time

When someone comes to your website, reads your blog, or views your social media posts, they’re looking for something of value for them. If your content is nothing but a sales pitch or covered in promotional links, it will leave a bad taste in readers’ mouths. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t mention your products or services at all, but only when it’s relevant to the topic at hand.

If you want to mention your business, affiliates, or services, make sure it’s sprinkled in lightly.

Repurpose Old Content That Works

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the content marketing book; repurpose and revive old, successful content and make it even more relevant to them.

Here are some ways to transform your old content into something new:

  • Take your past webinars and turn them into a video tutorial series.
  • Combine blog posts into an informative whitepaper.
  • Let your presentations inspire new infographics.
  • Share old content on your social media channels.

People have different preferences when it comes to consuming content, and by taking your most engaging content and restructuring it into something new, you have a chance to reach more audiences through new mediums.

Use Data Whenever Possible

Statistics and numbers always draw in high click rates, and if your business has any noteworthy stats to show off, use them!

Take these two examples:

Most businesses rely on email marketing as their primary acquisition channel.

81% of small businesses rely on email marketing as their primary customer acquisition channel.

The second example is much more impactful than the first, as the word “most” can be interpreted in multiple different ways. By using data in your content marketing, you will come off more credible, help your audience understand the scope of your business, and inform them with numbers worth knowing.

Write With a Purpose

There is so much content out there, and too much of it is watered down and only exists for the sake of existing. This is not the right way to create impactful content that brings value to your audience. It should go without saying, but just to be safe, all of your content marketing efforts should be written with a purpose.

Stay away from fluff and any content that doesn’t enrich your audience’s understanding of the subject. It does take a little bit of practice at first, but the most potent content has a balance of being informative and concise.

Don’t lose sight of your content marketing efforts; think of it as a powerful, conversion tool to position yourself as an industry leader and offer unmatched value to your audience.

To learn more about content marketing for your business, contact us today!

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