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Website Visitors Crave Value Propositions


Some cravings are more apparent than others. If it’s ice cream you desire, you know it right away. Value propositions from website content “cravings” are…not so distinct. That’s because you don’t know you want them until they’re missing.

Websites that lack value propositions blend together, making the visitors’ decision process come to a halt and leaving them with no decision made. Unfortunately, this is so easy to happen because of the number of websites people have to see before making a final decision. By identifying yourself as the clear winner through your value proposition, your visitors will feel a sense of relief knowing they’re doing business with the best.

Let us you teach the importance of value propositions and how you can satisfy your visitors’ craving for them.

What is a Value Proposition

In general, a value proposition is a business and/or marketing statement that a company creates to explain why a consumer should do business with them over their competitors. In regards to your website, it’s usually the opening headline and subhead on your homepage above the fold. While this is not the only place this should be placed on your site, it does encourage your visitors to explore the rest of your website.

Remember, your website’s goal is to keep your visitors engaged and motivated to learn more, all through a seamless user experience. It’s up to your value proposition to convince them that your website, and business, can achieve this.

How to Integrate It Into Your Content

As we said, this statement should be crystal clear in your homepage’s headline and subhead. Other places to spell it out clearly should be in your About Us page, or any page where it sounds like it should be (like a page titled, “Why We’re Different” or “What Sets Us Apart).

Keep this in mind: Website visitors will not invest five minutes on a handful of websites to see if they’re unique. Their time is too precious to spend browsing websites only to discover that they’re all the same and it’s not worth investing in. That’s why your proposition’s tone needs to be echoed throughout your content, but thrown in their face as soon as they land on any given page. It’s a tricky thing to do on some of your internal pages, but if you execute it directly, you will be the clear winner.

Other Ways to Showcase Your VP

Once you’ve defined your value proposition, you can showcase it in a number of ways. Of course, the obvious way is through your website content. On your product/service pages, each of them needs to be differentiated by their unique value compared to your competitors. If there is no clear answer for the visitor when they come to your web pages, they will see your product/service as the same as everyone else and not do anything.

Your team is probably one-of-a-kind, so make sure to showcase their unique value, as well. Take photos of your team that will leave an impression on the visitor and capture your brand personality through the rest of your visual aids. Any place where you can make yourself stand out is worth sharing and creating.

It goes without saying that it’s imperative to take the time to identify and create a strong, one-of-a-kind value proposition. It will give you a significant advantage over the competition, as well as encourage your website visitors to learn more about how you’re different. Remember, consumers crave value propositions, so serve it to them quick, and you’ll be the clear winner.

To learn more about value propositions, contact GreenMellen today!

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