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Here’s Your One Hour Website Content Makeover


We’ve learned in our almost ten years of building a brighter web that there is one piece of the website puzzle that always takes the longest: copywriting. On average, depending on the size of the website, it takes us two to five hours to research, craft, and edit copy for just one web page, and when businesses are tasked to create this themselves, it can be even longer.

It’s no secret that website copy is vital to your website’s success, but if hiring a copywriter or blocking out time to completely rewrite content is not an option, you can easily work with that you got.

Here’s your guide to reworking your current website copy to connect with your audience in just one hour.

Break Your Content Up Into Small Pieces

A common mistake we see with website content is long, dense blocks of text that are daunting for visitors to read. Remember, when someone comes to your website, they want to find the information they need to make a decision quickly, so your text needs to be more scannable than information-packed.

Break up your blocks of text into shorter paragraphs, and take advantage of bullet points, callouts, and quotations whenever possible. With this simple edit, it will give your content a better chance to be read!

Make Sure Headers Follow Hierarchy

Sometimes, we see web pages where H1 through H6 text is not in sequential order, and this can look sloppy. H1 text is meant to be for headlines at the top of the page, and while there may be some text that you want to highlight toward the bottom of the page, it does not to be in H1 text again.

Keep your headers in sequence and add in a call-out or bold the text if something further down the page is worth noticing.

Cut Down When Necessary

As stated earlier, your content needs to be scannable so users can quickly find what they’re looking for. Take a good look at your web pages’ content as a whole and be critical about the length. If needed, ask a colleague to review it all and give their thoughts on what can be removed.

Remove Repetitive Content

Like the point above, there are a million ways you can say, “we offer the highest standard of service” through your website content, but that doesn’t mean you should. Trimming down your content can be a hard thing to do, but a great place to start is by removing duplicated or similar content throughout your whole website. What web pages can have a primary driver and call-to-action, each page should offer unique value to visitors.

Make Sure Your Message is Clear

This may have to be a task for a colleague or a marketing professional, but after your content is condensed and refined, you should make sure your main message is loud and clear. A website shouldn’t be passive about what you want visitors to do, so make sure your key messages are not hidden behind fluff and witty copy. Be direct, aim to start building trust through your content, and make it easy for them to take the next step with you.

After you perform this audit on your website content, you should see a vast improvement in response from your visitors. Also, it may be worth revisiting your site for a redesign once the copy has been tweaked, and this may be the perfect motivation to take your website to the next level.

If you have a website full of content you need audited or would love some assistance in rewriting your copy, content the GreenMellen team today!

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