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Common Marketing Problem: Your Brand Doesn’t Properly Reflect The Business

Let’s explore a critical aspect of your business that might be flying under the radar: your brand.  While it’s easy to overlook amidst the hustle…

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The Power of Strategic Design: 4 Reasons Design Can Make a Difference in Your Business

It’s a common misconception that design is just meant to make things beautiful. And while that’s not altogether wrong, it’s only a portion of what…

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6 Professional Website Design Tips and Ideas for Beginners

Even if you wouldn’t consider yourself someone with good eye for web design, you can still build a beautiful, user-friendly website that visually stands out. From our design gurus, here are the top web design tips for all levels of designers to create a stunning website.

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Digital or Print: Which Should My Business Use For Marketing Materials?

We cannot stress the importance of strong design for all of your business’s marketing materials enough. But which format is better for your business: print or digital?

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Understanding the Different Logo File Types

When a marketing agency designs your logo, they should provide the final product in a few different file formats. But if you don’t know the difference between a JPG and a PDF, using the right one can be confusing and frustrating.

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Your Guide To Creating a Messaging Strategy For Your Brand

Effective messaging is about painting a compelling picture that the audience can see themselves in. Your goal is to help them clearly see themselves buying your product or using your service. A messaging strategy is a tool for framing your brand in a way that your audience will understand.

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Working with a Photographer for Your Marketing Efforts

We’ve discussed the importance of having images on your website, but imagery goes far beyond your website. Adding visual elements that support your message to…

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How to Select Website Images That Boost Conversations

Each of your web pages should be carefully crafted to not only paint a digital picture of your business, but also help push visitors down…

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How Design Impacts Your Business’s Marketing Success

Your business’s marketing budget has to cover a lot of ground.  From paid ads and content creation, to social media management and email marketing, all…

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Effective Branding: The Must-Haves for a Memorable Brand

Businesses like Nike, Apple and Coca-Cola have worked tirelessly to become the most iconic brands in the world. They have successfully connected with their audience…

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How Poor Website Design Can Hurt Your Sales

As a web design and digital marketing agency, we’ve seen our share of poorly designed websites. When a business chooses to go the “quick and…

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A Designer’s Guide to Logo Design From Concept to Execution

I’ve been a designer for nine years, and during that time, I’ve learned what works well during the logo process and what doesn’t. Step One:…

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5 Tips for the Non-Web Designers Out There

When businesses are looking to work with a website agency like us on their site, a big thing they rely on us for is not…

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The Top 5 Design Conventions that Need to Stay Forever

At GreenMellen, we are all about embracing the latest and greatest ideas for innovating the Web, but some things were not meant to be reinvented….

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Product Pages Design Tips that Convert

If you have an eCommerce website, a strong product page design can make or break your sales numbers no matter what you sell. These pages…

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