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Product Pages Design Tips that Convert


If you have an eCommerce website, a strong product page design can make or break your sales numbers no matter what you sell. These pages are usually where users make their decision if they are going to purchase or not, so these pages need to make sure they fulfill their needs before clicking “Add to Cart.”

See what a successful product page design includes that grabs users’ attention and persuades them to become a customer.

Make Your Product Descriptions Compelling and Direct

Product descriptions make up one of the most important elements on your product pages’ marketing strategy. Make sure they all state what product you’re selling and what benefits they will bring to your users’ lives.

Remember, most people scan webpages instead of reading every word on them, so this needs to be kept in mind when writing your product copy.

When it comes to the information above the fold of the website, wake sure these descriptions are direct, while also showing why they should purchase the product. You can always add more content farther down the page, but the most important details need to be above the fold.

It’s also common for users to have questions about the products before buying them. While it’s impossible to be a mind reader, aim to give as much information as possible so they can buy with ease. For example, if you’re selling TVs, tell users the size, unique features, brand, and warranty options.

Images are Everything

When physical touch is removed from the equation, the visual aspects of your pages need to be convincing and clear. Over 90% of consumers say that visuals are the top influential factor affecting a purchase decision, so your imagery must convey all the details of your products.

Don’t rely on one image to do all the talking. Almost 75% of people want to see three or more images when considering a purchase. Luckily, with today’s smartphones, you should be able to capture high-quality images of your products (and take advantage of the awesome photo editing apps out there). Help your users visualize these products even more by showing different angles, perspectives and proximities.

Lastly, if there is any way you can show your product being used in their everyday lives, lifestyle photos are wonderful to tell a story. For example, if you’re selling fall boots, show someone walking around the sidewalks of the city during fall or at a pumpkin patch. Take your users to a place where their lives are better because of your products!

Make Calls-to-Action Clear

While all website calls-to-action (CTAs) need to be clear, your product page might need to be the clearest on your eCommerce site. Keep the placement of these obvious and easy to find (use a contrasting color for these). It should also simply state what will happen when they click these buttons (Add to Cart or Buy Now), and they should be placed above the fold.

Share More Details Below the Fold

Once you’ve added in all the necessary components above the fold, you can use the rest of the page to share more details that may be of interest as users scroll down the page. This can include a thorough product description, videos of the product, reviews/testimonials, or anything that they will need to know to feel even more confident with their purchase.

Your product pages can become converting machines with these tips in mind!

To learn more about product pages or eCommerce sites, let’s grab a cup of coffee soon!

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