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Social Media

How Much Time Should Your Business Spend on Social Media?

It’s crazy to think that social media wasn’t a part of our lives 20 years ago. Now, life events “never really happened” if they weren’t…

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Where should I advertise my online business?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your business was in the perfect location? You know, the street corner where there is so much walk by traffic…

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Want more clicks on your Tweets? Skip the hashtags.

Starting with a small suggestion from Chris Messina in 2007 to help organize a group on Twitter, the hashtag has become a huge part of…

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The real reason your Facebook Page may display a fewer number of likes

This morning while skimming through Facebook, I started to notice a trend among some of the pages in my feed. So many posts begged for…

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A cheat sheet for Ello

Earlier this week we shared our initial thoughts on Ello, a new social network that has been growing very quickly over the past few weeks….

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Getting started with Ello

Over the past week, the social networking site Ello has taken the internet by storm. It remains to be seen if it’ll stick around, but…

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How to Create an Online Marketing Strategy

Most of our clients have a wish list for online marketing, but they always encounter an obstacle when trying to execute. Most aren’t sure how to prioritize and accomplish their…

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Free Facebook Page Template and 3 Big Changes You Need to Make Now

In March, Facebook shared that it would be redesigning business pages.  New Page designs are rolling out now and there are some pretty significant changes….

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GreenMellen Social Media Presentation at addSTRATEGY event

  GreenMellen was excited to speak at the addSTRATEGY to Your Career event on Wednesday, March 26th. Mickey Mellen and Ali Green shared a 45…

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Social Media Lessons from a Flat Tire

So today I got a flat tire. A flat tire is never welcome, but the timing for this one was really bad. I was stuck…

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Social Media Relearned: SoCon14

This past weekend, GreenMellen Media attended SoCon14 — the Southeast’s longest running social media event. SoCon has thrived as a must-attend professional conference offering an…

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Who’s Winning the Big Game

At $4 million for a 30 second commercial, Super Bowl advertising is serious business.  Advertisers want to make sure that they are getting the most…

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10 Really Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies

How much time do you spend on your Facebook marketing?   Are you posting the same type of content over and over again? Do you…

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Public or Private: Which Should You Set Your Social Media Accounts to?

Should you set your social accounts to private to protect yourself, but risk fewer people seeing your online content? Or should you share everything publically, but potentially expose yourself to privacy concerns? There are advantages and disadvantages to each approach.

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Why do I need a gravatar?

The idea of a “gravatar” is pretty neat.  The word is short for “globally recognized avatar”, meaning an image that represents you (like a headshot)…

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