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Social Media

6 Advanced LinkedIn Features to Take Your Account To the Next Level

LinkedIn is a powerful social networking platform for business leaders because it is specifically for professionals. It should often be the first social account to…

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6 Best Practices For Creating And Posting Video Content To YouTube

How do you effectively share videos on YouTube and your other digital channels? We’ve compiled a few of our best practices to guide your video creation efforts.

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Choosing Which Social Media Platforms Your Company Should Be On

Social media is one of the most effective ways for a business to engage with and grow their audience. Utilizing these channels provides a sense…

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How to Maximize Evergreen Content on Social Media

Do you struggle to create enough content to post on social media? You could benefit from planning ahead with content that can be recycled in the future.

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Google+ is Shutting Down: What You Need to Know

On June 28, 2011, Google+ was launched as Google’s fourth generation social media platform (after Orkut, Google Friend Connect and Google Buzz). On April 2,…

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Top 5 Content Types to Share on Your Business Facebook Page

There’s no denying the power of Facebook for businesses of all sizes. If you’re looking to improve your social presence, this is the platform to…

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Social Media for Small Businesses Made Easy

As a small business ourselves, we understand the struggles that can come with being a small, locally-operated company. Some of the most common digital marketing…

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How Your Social Media Pages Can Boost Your SEO

To compete in today’s buzzing world of digital marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social media are two main staples in any successful marketing strategy….

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Social Media Marketing for All Generations

No matter the demographics of a target audience, chances are your business can engage with them through social media. While at one time it was…

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Handle Social Media Negativity Like a Pro

Your business’s social media pages serve as your outlet to showcase your brand personality and interact with your followers. Nowadays, it comes as no surprise…

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The Instant and Long-Term Benefits of Social Media

For businesses today, there are two digital elements they need to get the most exposure for their audiences: a website and a social media presence….

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Why Wendy’s Twitter Account is Killing It Right Now

If you have a passion for following the biggest and hottest brands on social media, you know by now that Wendy’s is generating a bunch of…

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Content Marketing and Other Trends for 2017

As content continues to reign “king” in digital marketing efforts, it comes as no surprise that there will be new trends expected to come into…

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5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes (Too Many) Businesses Make

It’s a well-known fact that social media marketing is essential for business growth and consumer engagement these days. No matter the size of your business,…

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The Guide to Creating a Killer Content Strategy for Social Media

Everyone has come to expect a social media presence for all businesses, no matter what industry they’re in. While some businesses have established a strong…

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