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Digital Tools

AI Policies: What Are They and Does Your Small Business Need One?

It’s no secret or surprise that artificial intelligence (AI) has taken the world by storm recently. The business world and even small businesses are not…

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Audience Research: 8 Proven Tactics and Tools To Understand Your People

How well do you know your target audience? Understanding who you’re trying to reach is vital to effective marketing. So is knowing what information is relevant to your audience and how they prefer to communicate.

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Building Your Marketing Tech Stack The Right Way

When building a marketing tech stack, which is essentially the list of tools you use for your marketing efforts, there are many things to consider….

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Which Digital Marketing Platforms Should You Start Working on First?

Don’t try to do it all at once—or at least not right away. Build up to full marketing capacity. That starts with setting your priorities and focusing on one thing until you’re proficient at it. That means picking one marketing platform to optimize at a time.

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8 Marketing Tools We’re Certified to Help You With

Need help with a marketing service? Or want to use a specific digital tool? We’re ready to help your business with each of the following platforms.

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UTM Tracking Links: Why They’re Your Marketing Secret Weapon

Links are the building blocks of the internet. Being able to quickly and easily click from one web page or site to another is fundamental…

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Google Analytics 4: What We Know and Think So Far

Google recently announced a major update to their popular Google Analytics platform. Since then, the marketing community has been buzzing about what this means for…

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5 Ways to Use Google Anayltics for Website Improvement

Of all the tools you can utilize for website improvement, Google Analytics provides some of the most valuable insights into your site’s metrics. Many people…

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Heat Maps: What Value Do They Provide

The Internet brings us a world of knowledge at our fingertips, and this is no exception to tools to help better understand visitor interaction with…

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Finding the best tools to make things happen

At this month’s Meetup, we talked about all of the tools we use at GreenMellen to help us keep moving forward. We dig into the…

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Moving back to Asana

Earlier this year, we switched away from Asana for our daily tasks over to Teamwork is an awesome platform, but we’ve ultimately decided to…

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Why we switched from Asana to Teamwork

(admin note: we’ve recently switched back to Asana, which you can read about here) A few years ago we made a major switch from Nozbe…

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Google Inbox: a Next Step for Gmail

Google has just launched Google Inbox – an alternative to using the traditional Gmail interface to handle email. Inbox works on Android (version 4.1 Jelly…

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Speed up your browsing with “Custom Search Engines” in Google Chrome

We’re always looking for ways to get things done more efficiently. Very simply, if we can save time throughout the day we can get more…

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Tools of Our Trade: The Apple Side of Things

Desktop I cross the great hardware branding divide by using both a PC and a Mac. I have a Lenovo laptop, with Windows 7, almost exclusively for running FileZilla….

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