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Tools of Our Trade: The Apple Side of Things



I cross the great hardware branding divide by using both a PC and a Mac. I have a Lenovo laptop, with Windows 7, almost exclusively for running FileZilla. The program syncs with Mickey’s computer by way of Dropbox for flawless filesharing.


For all my other work, I’m an Apple girl. My MacBook Pro is lighter than the Lenovo, and it’s the one I carry around with me. My MacBook runs OS X, and plugs into a large Apple monitor when I’m in the office. I use the MacBook for the majority of my job, and Dropbox makes syncing files between the PC and the MacBook easy.


iphone favorite appsBecause I’m a Mac user, making the decision to use an Apple iPhone made sense. I currently have an iPhone 5, but I will probably upgrade to the iPhone 6 when it comes out in October.

Mickey has been trying to tempt me into switching over to a Droid phone, but I remain unconvinced. I like that I can respond to text messages or add to my reminder list from my laptop, tablet or phone, and that all my data syncs across devices with very little set up.

I am on the AT&T network for phone service. While AT&T does not offer the coverage that Verizon has, I can talk on my phone and use the internet at the same time. Anyone who has spent time on hold with Comcast will understand how that feature can be quite handy.

Pictured is a screenshot of my current home screen. Inspired by this article, I have been moving the apps I use daily to the main screen, out of folders. I work in social media and spend a lot of time driving, so the majority of my daily apps deal with social, travel or productivity.



My tablet is an iPad 4. It’s light and fast and syncs beautifully with all my other gear. Because Apple holds such value, I can usually sell an old tablet for almost the same cost as a new one using sites like

I use a tablet as a content device. I leave it at home and swap it for my phone for reading, watching videos, or games.


My current watch is a regular Seiko, although when the rumored iWatch makes an appearance, I may give it a try. I’ve been very impressed with Mickey’s watch, but it doesn’t work with iPhones — at least not yet.

What tech do you use in your daily life?

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