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Start Harvesting Your Fall Email Marketing Strategy


School is back in session, football kicks off in less than two weeks, and Halloween candy and decorations are slowly becoming on sale at stores across the country. This can only mean one thing: fall is right around the corner.

Seasonal content is always something to consider with your marketing strategy, and fall is no exception. We’d argue this is the best time to incorporate the season into your plan. With the holiday season on a few months away, now is a great time to capitalize on your email marketing efforts and keep your business top of mind before the winter.

Here are a few ways you can get a head start on harvesting your fall email marketing strategy.

Hand-Pick Personalized Offers

Personalization is always a good thing to incorporate into your emails, but personalized offers take it one step further. If you have an eCommerce site, utilize your customers’ purchasing data and craft an email offer around their previous purchases. You can segment your audience by product category or by the frequency of purchases and write your email copy around it.

With this message customized around their previous purchases and complimented by a fall theme, your customers will seize the opportunity to stock up for the season.

Add Social Sharing (If You Haven’t Already)

If you haven’t added social sharing capabilities to your email campaigns, this should become a priority this fall. By adding share buttons to popular social networks, your readers can share your email content directly to their social networks. This easy addition is one of the best ways for your audience to spread the word about your business and get new followers to join your strategy for this season.

Weed Out Your Email Lists

It’s always better to have a small list of engaging subscribers than a huge one full of people who don’t open your emails. It’s not worth your time and effort to build out your campaigns, only to have them archived or deleted. Fall is a great time to trim your lists, as you can focus on marketing to your active recipients for the rest of the year. By doing this, you should see a significant improvement in your campaigns’ analytics.

Encourage Engagement During the Best Parts of the Season

Many people would consider fall their favorite season for a lot of reasons. Whether it’s because of the colors, football season, Halloween, or the unique activities that come during this time, give your brand a chance to engage with your subscribers and customers.

Create a photo contest and encourage your audience to share photos of them doing their favorite fall activity (bonus points if you can tie your brand into it). Or, give a discount to the person who carves your logo in a pumpkin; the opportunities are endless. This campaign is something you can also promote on social media with a dedicated hashtag, so give your brand a chance to make their fall even better!

Start Planning Your Holiday Efforts

When the fall season starts winding down, don’t let your momentum wind down with it! Even though there are a few noteworthy holidays you should market around during this season, autumn should help you gear up for the busy holiday season and into the new year. Learn from your fall campaigns and tailor the holiday season to improve wherever needed.

Fall into an actionable, successful email marketing strategy this season and start engaging with your audience in a way that will resonate with them! And remember, your efforts can be recycled and amplified throughout your blog and social media!

To learn more about email marketing or how we can help you this fall, contact GreenMellen today!

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