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Seasonal Content Writing: How to Do It Wrong


Much like planning out a seasonal marketing strategy, it makes sense to do the same with your content writing. Seasonal content has a lot of positives; it’s relevant to all parties, it’s valued by multiple audiences, and it shows your brand is current. However, when it comes to actually creating a seasonal content strategy, many businesses fall into common traps that make it unsuccessful.

Avoid these easy ways of ruining your seasonal content writing strategy and open a new door to providing relevant and current content that will resonate with your audience.

Steer Clear from Over-Stuffing Links and References

More times that not, business will try to cram in both links and seasonal tie-ins in their content in hopes that this piece will break the Internet because of its popularity. Sure, seasonal content can be innovative and creative, but it can easily be bombarded with references that don’t connect readers with its value. Make sure if you’re placing a link in your content that it’s relevant to the message or will help expand upon a point being made within the piece.

Seasonal puns, clichés and metaphors can be cute in moderation, but it’s not worth saturating your content over. Remember, never sacrifice the content’s quality over creativity; everyone will like it just the way it is (is that too cliché?).

Establish Your Message First

When the point of a seasonal content piece is to combine something relevant with a message, it can be easy to miss the mark on both accounts. That’s why it’s important to establish your overall goal/message before linking it to a holiday or season, versus attempting to fit content around a holiday or season.

To do this, focus on your brand or products/services and find a way your offering organically fits into the season. After that, identify how you can create helpful content around this. By doing this, you will be able to focus your approach on delivering original content with genuine connections to the season/holiday.

Persuade Your Audience

Here’s the situation: It’s October and your doctor’s office wants to create a seasonal content piece while tying in Halloween. Your shocked that your articles titled, “Why a Check Up is Like a Pumpkin” or “Countdown to Halloween with Flu Shots” isn’t getting the traction you thought it would. This is because these post titles fail to engage your audience and persuade them to learn more; they simply lack originality.

In this case, create a headline that will offer some value to your readers. Strive to naturally fit a season into your business’s content marketing strategy and it will naturally be perceived as more authentic by your audience too.

Timing is Everything

Lastly, when it comes to seasonal content, time is of the essence. You wouldn’t want to post a piece with a Valentine’s Day theme in July; aim to publish your pieces just before the peak of the seasonal pike. The best way to get the timing right is be keeping an eye on the trends to ensure your efforts are not premature or too late.

If your seasonal content writing can be executed correctly with these tips in mind, your brand will experience a number of benefits and will allow you to produce topical content all-year-round!

To learn more about seasonal content strategy, contact GreenMellen Media today!

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