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Fall into Your Fall Marketing Strategy


It’s that time of year when the heat of summer starts to disappear and autumn’s beauty starts to emerge. The leaves start to change colors, you can enjoy your favorite apple, pumpkin or apple pumpkin-flavored treats, and you can get your favorite comfy sweaters ready for the chilly season. It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year for more reasons than one, and this is your chance to create a fresh, fall marketing plan to engage your audience.

Check out our list of tips for developing your fall marketing strategy!

  1. Plan Your Strategy

No matter what season it is, it’s wise to plan your marketing strategy ahead of time to decrease stress and increase engagement.

A great place to start is to build out a content calendar of possible blog topics, social media posts and newsletters. Make a list of any upcoming events, promotions or announcements to highlight throughout the season and utilize them for your posts.

Another component to plan out for your fall marketing strategy is your holiday-themed promotions. These promotions can complement your content calendar and focus on one of the many fall themes or holidays. Back to school, football, Thanksgiving and Halloween are great themes that many people can relate to, so get creative!

  1. Reconnect with Prospects/Existing Customers

Take a look at your customer base and leads that you gained throughout 2016 and make note of those who have been quiet this year or previous season. Create an email campaign based around one of your holiday promotions, and include a subject line that says something along the lines of, “We Miss You!” After sending these leads/customers a couple short, value-driven emails, send them a coupon or discount code for your business.

  1. Rebuild Your Database

Now would be a great time to refresh and grow your database before the big holiday season is here. It’s estimated that your email database will degrade by 22.5% every year, so don’t let your contacts become stale. When building your fall-themed email marketing campaigns, keep these tips in mind:

  • Make sure your content is not only engaging, but enticing your audience to take the next step in your acquisition process
  • Include social share and email to a friend icons
  • Offer an opt-in/out option
  • Create a unique landing page to capture email addresses
  1. Have Fun with It!

Although your fall marketing strategy should be, well, “strategic,” it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. Check out some trending hashtags to incorporate into your social media or email campaigns. Create an Instagram photo contest, post a poll on your Facebook page, or even have a sweepstakes for a big prize. The sky is the limit, and when people see your brand likes to have fun, they’ll have fun knowing they’re engaging with a business that’s actually human.

This autumn, let the change in weather and colors inspire your business’s marketing strategy. Don’t let your brand presence fall off the face of the Earth (see what we did there?); stay on top of people’s minds and create something that’s both relevant and unique to your customer base.

To learn more about marketing strategies, contact GreenMellen Media today!

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