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WordCamp Atlanta 2015: Planning your website from concept to launch

This weekend every WordPress newbie, expert, and everyone in between is gathering in Atlanta to talk about the framework we all love: WordPress. We will…

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Meetup: Building a site that really works

Today we hosted our monthly Meetup, discussing the ways that we make sure that the sites we create “really work”. Building a site that functions…

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Why we choose WordPress

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of WordPress. We’ve been using it since 2004, we’ve been hosting a monthly WordPress Meetup for a few…

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Meetup: Hands on with Google Analytics

Our All Things WordPress Meetup this month was a hands on walk through of Google Analytics and how to add demographics tracking to your Analytics panel. Here…

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The Best Way to Handle Website Redirects

There are a handful of times when you might need to set up redirects on your website. We’ll take a quick look at those situations and show you how best to handle them.

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Single page web sites are trendy, but are they really what you need?

A popular trend in websites lately is a single-page design. An example would be this theme from StudioPress; it has a few sub-pages, but is…

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Meetup: The best tips to remember when launching your site

“Daily, millions of airline passengers depend that the pilot will follow the WRITTEN checklists so they will have a safe takeoff & landing at their…

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WordPress 4.1 has been released

WordPress version 4.1 has just been released and it’s available for download now. While this isn’t a security-focused update (provided you’re already on 4.0.1), it’s…

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WordPress releases important security patch, version 4.0.1

WordPress has just released version 4.0.1, which is a small update that helps to resolve some potentially nasty security holes and everyone is encouraged to…

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The state of WordPress in 2014

This past weekend at WordCamp San Francisco, WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg delivered his annual “State of the Word” speech and had some interesting things to…

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What is the “duplicate content penalty”?

If you’ve done much research into search engine optimization, you’ve likely heard that you should be wary of duplicate content to avoid a penalty from…

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The obvious choice isn’t always so obvious

Imagine you’re at a baseball game, waiting for it to start. At the conclusion of the singing of the National Anthem, everyone cheers and applauds….

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Meetup: Google Analytics 101

Thanks to all of you who made it to our Meetup.  We had a great discussion and presented a lot of information on Google Analytics…

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5 Years of GreenMellen

If you had asked Mickey or me five years ago where we would be today, our answer would be far fetched from reality. Five years ago…

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WordPress 4.0 has Arrived!

WordPress 4.0 is now available for update.  Although the features introduced with 4.0 are cosmetic and not security related, we recommend that you update soon,…

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