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The state of WordPress in 2014

wordpress-logoThis past weekend at WordCamp San Francisco, WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg delivered his annual “State of the Word” speech and had some interesting things to share.

WordCamp San Francisco is changing

For the past seven years, WordCamp San Francisco has essentially been the “main” WordCamp in the United States. Starting next year there will be a “WordCamp US”, though the date and location are yet to be determined.

WordPress Survey

WordPress sent out their annual survey earlier this year and it received over 33,000 responses. Some of the numbers from it:

  • 25% of the respondents make their living fully off of WordPress.
  • Combined, the 33,000 respondents are responsible for 500k-1m websites.
  • Roughly 10% of those websites took longer than 200 hours to build.

Five major releases in the past year

Since WordCamp San Francisco 2013, there have been five major WordPress releases, including the big release of WordPress 4.0 last month. He highlighted many of the contributors to the project and how literally anyone can help develop WordPress if they have the desire.

Team communication moving to Slack

Just as GreenMellen and thousands of other companies have done, the primary communication for the organization will be moving to Slack. It’s a slick application for businesses that offers a chat-room type feel for quick communication between team members.

You can view the entire talk over on

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