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What is the dark web and why should I care?

You may have heard about the “dark web” here and there, but what exactly is it? It’s any set of web content that can’t be…

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WordPress 4.4. is out! Here is what’s new.

WordPress 4.4 was just released and you can download it from the download page right now. While it has been tested extensively by tens…

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Malware is getting worse, so keep your website secure

A popular form of malware on computers is known as “ransomware”. This malware will lock up all of your files and encrypt them, and the only…

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Don’t be too loyal to the brands you love

We all have brands that we love, whether it’s clothing, cars, electronics or any other area of life. There are reasons that we love those…

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How to change your WordPress username

For years, when you installed WordPress it would suggest that you set your username to “admin”. As a result, millions of WordPress sites have a…

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Presidential hopefuls love WordPress

As you may know, we love WordPress and use it for the core of every site we build. We have our reasons for using it,…

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WordPress version 4.3 is here

WordPress version 4.3 has just been released (you can download it here) and includes a variety of nice additions. While there are quite a few…

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What is a custom post type?

When using WordPress, most people stick to the built-in “posts” and “pages”. However,¬†WordPress also has a powerful feature available called “custom post types”. While they…

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WordPress 4.2 has been released

WordPress version 4.2 has just been released and you can download it here. While there are no major security fixes in this release, it solves…

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How Google decides to index your content

I like to tell people that “Google doesn’t search the internet” because technically it doesn’t. Instead, Google makes a copy of as much of the…

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WordCamp Atlanta 2015: Planning your website from concept to launch

This weekend every WordPress newbie, expert, and everyone in between is gathering in Atlanta to talk about the framework we all love: WordPress. We will…

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Why we choose WordPress

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of WordPress. We’ve been using it since 2004, we’ve been hosting a monthly WordPress Meetup for a few…

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The Best Way to Handle Website Redirects

There are a handful of times when you might need to set up redirects on your website. We’ll take a quick look at those situations and show you how best to handle them.

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photo of yellow arrow road signage

Single page web sites are trendy, but are they really what you need?

A popular trend in websites lately is a single-page design. An example would be this theme from StudioPress; it has a few sub-pages, but is…

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WordPress 4.1 has been released

WordPress version 4.1 has just been released and it’s available for download now. While this isn’t a security-focused update (provided you’re already on 4.0.1), it’s…

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