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Does My Website Need a Redesign?


Websites have become the digital window into your business, and, like it or not, your customers will use your website as a part of their decision to do business with you. With that said, there will come a time when you need to seriously ask yourself if your website needs to be redesigned to increase customer engagement and improve the user experience.

Don’t lose customers because of your website design! Here are some questions to ask yourself about your site to determine if it needs to be redesigned or updated.

Is it Mobile Responsive?

If your answer to this question is no, then you need a redesign. A mobile responsive website offers the same user experience across all devices, and this feature has become a ranking factor for Google searches. With more and more people using their phones to view websites for the first time, this needs to be your top priority. Here is our foolproof guide to redesigning your website to become mobile-responsive.

If a total redesign of your WordPress website is out of the question due to time or resources, look into using a responsive theme or a plugin that creates a mobile version of your website.

Is My Website a WordPress Website?

Did you know that more than 25% of the web is running on WordPress? We have our reasons for using WordPress to build our clients’ websites, but you could be missing out on a bunch of digital possibilities if your current site is not using WordPress. If your website is not a part of this 25% of the web, now is the perfect time to redesign your website and convert it into a WordPress site.

If you want to learn more about WordPress before committing, we suggest joining us for one of our All Things WordPress Meetups if you’re in the Metro-Atlanta area. Our community of WordPress professionals would love to convince you to switch!

Does the Homepage Have a Slider?

Sliders seem like a strong idea for website homepages, but at GreenMellen we are not fans of them. Why? No one is going to watch your slides. Your homepage is valuable “website real estate,” and you shouldn’t saturate it with different messages and calls to action crammed into multiple slides. It’s doubtful that your visitors will sit and watch every one of your slides pass by, so make your most important message be the primary focus of your homepage.

If your homepage does have sliders, this doesn’t mean your whole website should be redesigned; you may just need to rethink your homepage. Here is some help to create the perfect homepage.

Is My Website Built on a Generic Theme?

You may not be familiar with the pros of a custom WordPress theme, which is very common. More than likely, if you’re not familiar with a custom theme, chances are you are using a generic one on your WordPress website. Implementing a custom WordPress theme for your website will bring you numerous benefits. Review the benefits that can come a from a custom theme and look into getting one for your site redesign.

When Was My Website Last Reviewed Internally?

If it’s been a few years (roughly three years) since you’ve reviewed or updated your website, you should consider doing an audit for both content and traffic patterns. Think about all that has changed digitally over the last three years, does your website accurately portray who your company is now? You can learn more about how well your website is performing by utilizing Google Analytics, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you found out that it’s time for an update by your site’s numbers. We recommend reading this post if you are unfamiliar with why you should.

For more info on redesigning your website, check out this blog with our top 10 tips to redesigning your website and seven tips for beginners in web design. You can also contact us today, and we can create a custom website that will stand the test of time!

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