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What Can a Custom WordPress Theme Do for Your Website?


Many people are unfamiliar with the benefits of custom WordPress themes for their WordPress website, and it’s something often overlooked or not budgeted for. If your business is looking for a new layout and design for your current website or you’re planning to launch a website from scratch, developing a custom WordPress theme is a strong option that will bring a plethora of benefits.

In this post, we will explore what makes a custom WordPress theme a smart choice for your website and what it can do for your business.

Let Your Website Stand Out

When was the last time a business said, “I want to be a cookie-cutter business” that wasn’t in the business of shaping cookies into fun shapes? A true entrepreneur or CEO knows better than to make this their goal. With custom WordPress themes, they are (you guessed it) customized to fit your website’s flow, needs and brand.

By following a website design process that involves uncovering your website goals, voice and visual brand, your WordPress website will end up being 100% unique and unlike anything else out there. With over one billion websites live on the WWW today, distinguishing yourself is key to leave a lasting impression.

Have Full Control Over Your Website

A custom WordPress theme will also provide you with full control over the way your website will interact with its visitors. For example, if you have an eCommerce website and use a pre-made WordPress theme, you will not have any control where the “Buy Now” button goes and could possibly limit your sales. With a custom theme, you’ll be able to choose the fonts, colors and places your visitors will see this button.

Think of it this way; if you owned a dog grooming business and bought a retail space that used to be a Hot Topic, you wouldn’t just leave the décor the same as the previous owner, would you? Custom WordPress themes allow you to create the “atmosphere” you desire for your website.

Theme Ownership

If you decide to use a free, pre-made WordPress theme, the theme’s developers may require you to keep their logos, links or copyright information on your pages, which will make them visible to your visitors. This can be distracting and even dampen your business’s credibility, but a custom WordPress theme will give you full ownership to rid yourself from these distractions.

The Cost

So, why isn’t every website utilizing custom WordPress themes for their website? The answer is $imple: The cost. Yes, there are hundreds of free WordPress themes available, but a custom theme is an investment that will speak to the masses about your dedication to your business. In today’s world, the Internet could make or break your business; that’s why it’s essential for your business to have a strong web presence and a memorable website. Your website needs to meet the user’s needs, and a custom WordPress theme can be created to meet those needs.

In short, investing in a custom theme is the same as investing in a solid website. If your budget is limited, start out with a pre-made template and work your way towards a customized website. Trust us when we say it will pay off in the end.

If you’re interested in learning more about a custom WordPress theme for your business, contact GreenMellen Media today and we’ll be happy to help guide you toward a solution for your business!

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