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All Things WordPress: Google Analytics – How was Your Year?


During this Meetup, we dug into Google Analytics and looked at ways to examine how a website has performed in 2016 and how to find areas to improve in 2017.

In case you missed this Meetup, check out the video and list of links mentioned. We hope to see you at the next All Things WordPress Meetup!

ATWA – All Users: Google Analytics — how was your year? – Mickey Mellen (12.15.2016) from RecallAct on Vimeo.

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights plugin
GM Block Bots plugin
Blog post about blocking ghost referrals
Blog post about setting up AMP

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Brooke Desmond

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With a passion for all things digital marketing, Brooke aims to give a unique perspective on the latest trends and ideas in this ever-changing space.

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