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Digital Marketing Benefits of WordPress


WordPress holds a very special place in our hearts because of its intuitiveness, simplicity, and customization capabilities. And, it seems like the rest of the web agrees with us, as WordPress powers roughly 30% of the entire Web. While this content management system (CMS) is our choice of platform for building our clients’ websites, there are many more benefits to it that positively impact their digital marketing, as well.

Discover the benefits your digital marketing will experience when you use WordPress!

Content Marketing

Now, more than ever, you cannot spare any detail when it comes to your content marketing strategy. With WordPress, you can execute your plan seamlessly, as this CMS started out as a blogging tool. WordPress’s backend creates a simplified user experience for you to write, edit and publish your blog posts. Also, you can add additional plugins to expand your tool arsenal to craft the perfect posts.

Adding new content constantly to your site will vastly improve your SEO (more about this in the next point), and WordPress makes content marketing easy and intuitive.


Organic SEO plays a big part in your digital presence, and WordPress has helped websites improve their efforts. First, in their library of plugins, you’ll find plenty of themes dedicated to helping you improve your page’s SEO (our favorites are Yoast and SEOPress). These plugins can give you a visual of how your meta descriptions and title tags will look on search engine results pages (SERPs) and even let you know if your posts and pages are optimized well enough with your designated keywords.

Secondly, WordPress makes internal linking and URL customization as simple as can be and allows you to assign categories and tags to pages. Lastly, search engines can quickly index your site, thanks to WordPress’s superb coding and structure.

User Experience

For both the users and the owners of the site, WordPress’s user experience is second to none. Many plugins exist to make your website mobile-friendly, as well as hundreds of WordPress themes are mobile responsive so you can expect the same user experience on any device. For owners and developers, the backend is very user-friendly in comparison to other content management systems, which allows editing and refining the user experience to be simple.


Since 2013, eCommerce websites have steadily been increasing, with 45,4% percent of the Web now eCommerce-powered. While there are plenty of eCommerce platforms that drive this percentage, WooCommerce takes the largest chunk at 31%. WooCommerce is the eCommerce extension of WordPress, and it’s just as simple to use as WordPress itself.

Regarding your digital marketing, WooCommerce easily integrates your customers’ reviews and ratings of products, which can be used as a part of your social and email strategies.


No matter your digital marketing strategy, the end goal is probably to increase your conversions. WordPress makes this goal easier than ever, as you can track which of your pages produce the most and modify your calls-to-action (CTAs) to be more effective.

Of course, there are plugins out there to help boost your conversions too. From automatic pop-ups and BugMeBars to newsletter call outs and positioning your CTAs, there’s something to utilize for your benefit from WordPress.

WordPress and your digital marketing can work alongside each other and boost your efforts. If you don’t have a WordPress website, contact GreenMellen, and we’d be happy to tell you more about how this CMS can improve your digital marketing.

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