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GreenMellen's Favorite Plugins of 2018


Here at GreenMellen, we build custom WordPress websites, and more and more, that also includes a custom plugin or two. In addition to our plugins, there are a few that you’ll find installed on almost every website we build. This is just a short list of what we currently love and why we use them.


FacetWP is a plugin that adds advanced filtering to your website. We continue to find ways to use this plugin, and we’ve been impressed with the features they offer. They also have some of the best plugin support you’ll find – which is a huge plus in our book!

Ninja Forms

Over the last few years, Ninja Forms has become our contact form plugin of choice at GreenMellen. It works great as a simple form when needed, and also offers a multitude of add-on options that allow us to add additional functionality or connect to third-party services.

Simple Social Icons

Simple Social Icons is exactly what it says – simple. This plugin is a constant for us on any site that needs to display icons linking to social networks. Simple Social Icons creates a widget that you drop into any sidebar, add the links to each of your social media accounts, select some options to customize the size and alignment, and you’re all set. This makes adding/removing new social media accounts a breeze.

WP Rocket

Site speed is a significant concern for our clients. That’s why we lean on plugins like WP Rocket to help. The features with this plugin make it a valuable asset for each website we launch.

Event Manager Pro

Our go-to event plugin has been Event Manager Pro for a while. Right out of the box, this events plugin is simple and is so easy to customize with the settings available. They offer options to accept bookings, create recurring events and manage your event venues.

These are just a few of our favorites for the year – have you used any of these? Do you have other favorites that you think we should check out? Let us know in the comments below!

If you have any questions about plugins or WordPress, contact GreenMellen today!

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