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Altering Your Digital Marketing During COVID-19


Every industry has been impacted in some way because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it’s altering business hours, working remotely, or pivoting your focus into unchartered waters, everyone has had to become agile quickly. Another area that has probably taken a turn is your digital marketing plan, and while we would not suggest putting all efforts on pause, there are ways to alter your strategy to stay relevant and see success.

Here are our biggest tips for altering your digital marketing strategy during the COVID-19 crisis.

Change Your Tone

While we’re not saying you need to change your brand’s voice and personality entirely, it’s essential to set yourself up for sounding optimistic and hopeful. This situation hasn’t been easy for everyone, and the last thing someone needs is to know your business’s opinion on the crisis or have to use an “IH8COVID19” coupon code to take advantage of a limited-time offer. Offer a helping hand however you can (besides sales) and show how you have adapted to this change.

We at GreenMellen took a photo of all of us during our morning meeting and added it to a landing page about remote working solutions for businesses. We’ve been working from home most of the time before this crisis happened, so we are offering ways to help businesses find the right solutions for their needs.

Keep Your Clients and Customers Up to Date

We’re sure your inbox is flooded with emails on how brands are handling this situation, but it’s just their way of showing their customers they recognize the landscape of their industry and want to support your customers in any way possible.

Sharing these announcements is important, but don’t just rely on email. Make sure you add something about it on your website (whether it be a banner or a pop up) and keep your followers up to date on social media. Positioning your brand in a way that shows you care more about someone’s well-being than profits will serve you well in the long run.

Pause the Irrelevant Campaigns for Now

Maybe you had a huge campaign planned around a new product or service or had an Easter-themed event happening in the next few weeks, but in times like these, it’s okay to pause these non-urgent offers. Instead, it might be worth considering shifting your attention to services that can help your current customers at this time.

Ramp Up Social and Email Marketing

While you may hit pause on some campaigns, it doesn’t mean you should slow down your social or email marketing efforts; in fact, these should be ramped up. By staying engaged with your customers, it will help you not only maintain a connection, but build a stronger relationship too.

Social media has always been an excellent tool to reach new audiences, but people are spending more time on social media during the pandemic. This is a great chance to tell users about your brand and how you can help them during this time.

While email marketing engages with the contacts you already have, it’s still a great opportunity to reconnect with them during this time. Consider creating new mediums like videos or podcasts that allow them to hear from you since they cannot meet face-to-face at this time. Any way you can connect with them directly about the services that matter most to them is key.

Support Local Businesses

No matter what industry you are in, local businesses within your community have been hit just as hard (or worse) during this crisis. Now more than ever, they need your support. If you see an opportunity to share a fundraiser held by a local business on social media or forward an email to a friend about an offer they would take advantage of, it would mean more than you think. How brands treat their employees, customers, and community during this time will stick with their reputation for quite some time. Be a leader and lend a hand however possible to your local community.

In trying times like the COVID-19 pandemic, your company must stick together and consider priorities other than promoting business. Shift your digital marketing efforts to match this, and your name will be remembered when this is all over.

If you have any questions about digital marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic, contact us today.

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