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6 Best Practices For Creating And Posting Video Content To YouTube

How do you effectively share videos on YouTube and your other digital channels? We’ve compiled a few of our best practices to guide your video creation efforts.

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What is Slack?

You’ve probably heard of the service called Slack sometime in the past few months, as it’s growing rapidly. Case in point, I was out with…

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Public or Private: Which Should You Set Your Social Media Accounts to?

Should you set your social accounts to private to protect yourself, but risk fewer people seeing your online content? Or should you share everything publically, but potentially expose yourself to privacy concerns? There are advantages and disadvantages to each approach.

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gold padlock locking door

Google offers more help for hacked sites

We use Google Webmaster Tools with many of our clients, as it offers many resources to help us monitor their sites.  Along with SEO-related items…

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WordPress Tip: Linking to past posts

When writing a blog entry, linking to some of your previous posts can be a great thing. Not only will it help lead your readers…

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WordPress 3.4 is here

WordPress has just released version 3.4 (codenamed “Green”, like us!) with a handful of very nice improvements. Theme Customizer For themes that support it, there…

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Marlow’s Tavern, meet Gary Vaynerchuk

Last week, I saw a speech that Gary Vaynerchuk gave to a bunch of RE/MAX realtors on the topic of social media engagement and it…

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Some simple WordPress tutorials

If you’re just getting started with WordPress and you’re stuck on how to use some of the features, I hope that the videos below will…

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