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Tools of Our Trade: The Apple Side of Things

Desktop I cross the great hardware branding divide by using both a PC and a Mac. I have a Lenovo laptop, with Windows 7, almost exclusively for running FileZilla….

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Get 12 gifts for Christmas from Apple

Few things are as over as Christmas, however, this year, Apple has decided to keep on giving.  Apple Inc. is celebrating the 12 days of…

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Best apps for your new phone or tablet

If you just received a new phone or tablet as a gift, you’ve probably been digging in and downloading lots of great apps for it….

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Where I use my tablet

I’ve had many people ask the same question about the Xoom and the iPad 2 – “when would I use it?”. Here’s a few answers:…

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Installing an iPad 2 in the dashboard of your truck

This isn’t a “how-to” but more of a “whoa, that’s awesome!” kind of video.  This guy obviously does these kinds of modifications for a living,…

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Student sells in place in line for the iPad 2; earns $900

If you have nothing to do and there’s a hot Apple product coming out in a few days, here’s a way to make some money…

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Should you get a netbook or a tablet?

Netbook or tablet? With all of my talk about the Motorola Xoom lately, you’d think my answer would be “tablet”, but it’s not that easy…

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Why don’t you have an iPad?

I enjoy tech gadgets, and I tend to have quite a few of them.  I have a variety of computers, a Flip video camera, a…

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Seriously, your church isn’t made of bricks

I talked about this four years ago, but feel it’s worth mentioning again. If you ask most someone: “Tell me about your church“, they’ll usually…

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