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Best apps for your new phone or tablet

evernoteIf you just received a new phone or tablet as a gift, you’ve probably been digging in and downloading lots of great apps for it.  While we all have some great games on our devices, there are plenty of lists online that cover the best games.  Instead, we’ll show you some of our favorite apps for getting things done and keeping up our websites.  These apps are all available for iPhone, iPad and virtually any Android phone or tablet.


Evernote is one of our favorite desktop applications, and the mobile version is no slouch.  It’ll sync all of your notes across all of your devices, helping you keep crucial information at your fingertips wherever you might go.

App Store | Google Play


While we use Google Drive a good bit as well, the vast majority of our files still live in Dropbox.  I don’t use it on my phone very often, but for the occasion where I need mobile access to a file this app can be a live saver.

App Store | Google Play


I don’t tend to write posts while I’m on my phone, but this app is a handy one to have around if your site is running WordPress.  Not only can you draft and publish posts from it, but you can quickly deal with comments on the go.

App Store | Google Play


For slick, quick access to news on the go, Flipboard is a great app.  It connects to your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts, and also pulls in stories from other topics that you’re interested it.  It has an excellent interface and runs smoothly on all devices that we’ve tried it on.

App Store | Google Play


The official Facebook app has just had a substantial upgrade on both major platforms, making it much faster and smoother than it used to be.  If you want Facebook access on the go, the official app is about as good as they get.

App Store | Google Play


There are a lot of apps out there for Twitter, though most do roughly the same job.  People often have preferences for various third-party applications, but the official Twitter apps isn’t too bad.  The exception is on Android, particularly on tablets, you might want to try out Falcon Pro (found here on Google Play) instead.

App Store | Google Play


If you use Google+, their mobile app is amazing.  The recently introduced support for Business Pages is a bit rough around the edges, but for personal use it is quite solid.

App Store | Google Play


As we mentioned last month, we now use Asana for our daily task management.  It’s an excellent web-based task manager, with a solid mobile component as well.  The only official app so far is for iOS, though the mobile web version is sufficient most of the time.

App Store


What are some of your favorite mobile apps that we might have missed?

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