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Speed up your browsing with “Custom Search Engines” in Google Chrome

We’re always looking for ways to get things done more efficiently. Very simply, if we can save time throughout the day we can get more…

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My favorite mobile apps right now

Our buddy Joe Turner just picked up a Nexus 10 tablet and was asking what my favorite apps were, so I thought it’d be a…

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Firefox 4 released; much faster, some new features

While I’m still a big fan of Google Chrome, Firefox 4 came out today and has some nice improvements. The first is speed. ┬áChrome still…

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Thoughts on the Google Chrome OS laptop

As many of you know, Google has been giving away thousands of free laptops to help promote and troubleshoot their upcoming “Chrome OS” operating system….

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Organize Your Digital Life 8 – Take advantage of the small breaks of time

This is the eighth in a series of posts in the Organize Your Digital Life series. I’m finding one of the keys to being productive…

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