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My favorite mobile apps right now

hangoutsOur buddy Joe Turner just picked up a Nexus 10 tablet and was asking what my favorite apps were, so I thought it’d be a good chance to revisit our list from December to see what’s changed.

You can read that full list, but for the most part it hasn’t changed:

  • Evernote: Still our favorite note-taking app, though Google Keep is pretty slick on Android.
  • WordPress: Not one we use often, but very handy at times.
  • Flipboard: A great way to stay updated on news, and it’ll pull in most of your social feeds as well.
  • Facebook: They have a solid mobile app, though I use Flipboard for most of my Facebooking.
  • Twitter: It’s not optimized for Android tablets, but still works quite well.
  • Google+: This app has seen some great improvements in the past few months and is very easy to use.
  • Asana: They now have an official Android app, so this one is even better than it was before.

What’s new?

Beyond those, there are a few new ones I’m enjoying:

google-keepGoogle Keep (Android only): I mentioned this one above, as it’s great for quick notes.  Evernote is still where I put notes for long-term storage, but I use this as a quick notepad during the day.  Here are more of my thoughts on Keep.

Falcon Pro (Android only): This is another Twitter app and it’s quite impressive (with great tablet support).

Hangouts (Android and iOS): Google just released this app, which combines the Google+ “hangouts” feature with the older Google Talk text chats.  It’s a slick app, and finally gives iOS users a way to easily chat on the go.  Here are more of my thoughts on the new Hangouts app.

Mint (Android, iPhone and iPad): A great way to track your money on the go, and it looks great on the Nexus 10.

Google Chrome (Android and iOS): It comes pre-installed on some Android devices, but you should download it if it’s not on yours.  Not only is faster than other browsers, but the syncing between it and Chrome on your main computer is quite handy.

What other apps are essential for you on your mobile device?

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