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Simple Videos Can Be Amazingly Effective Online Content

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We encourage our clients to use video to help show their customers what they have to offer. Highly polished videos can be expensive and time-consuming. But quick, simple videos can be quite helpful and aren’t very difficult to make.

Some examples of simple videos for businesses include:

  • Car Dealer: Give me a two-minute tour of the latest and greatest car on your lot.
  • Realtor: Take me on a quick tour of the home and show me why I want to buy it.
  • Photographer: Show me around your studio and explain why you chose the equipment you have.

Well-produced videos certainly have their place, but they tend to be slow and expensive to create.  With a Flip camera (or even a decent cell phone) you can grab a quick video and have it on YouTube in a matter of minutes.

What inspired me to write this post was a short video I saw today from Tim Terpening.  He works for Domain Homes in Tampa, FL, and there’s going to be an airshow in town this weekend.  

As it happens, one of their neighborhoods is right next to MacDill Air Force Base and has a great view of the action, so they’re encouraging people to come hang out in their neighborhood by offering free parking and free food.  His video is a perfect example of what I’m talking about:

It’s under two minutes, he shows some of the planes doing some practice runs the day before and then explains the deal they’re offering. Perfect.

If you want to build a killer well-produced video from time to time, go for it, but simply grabbing a camera and talking to your customers can be an amazing way to connect with them.

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