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March 10, 2022


12 minutes

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4 Reasons Your Business Shouldn’t Overlook Website Maintenance

The work on your beautiful company website doesn’t end once you launch it. There’s still a lot of work that comes with maintaining the technical and content elements. However, this effort is well worth it to ensure your website is secure and represents your business well.

What happens if you don’t keep your website secure?

  • It can get hacked… and you might not even know it
  • It can crash
  • It will be slow: Use a tool like GT Metrix to test your website speed
  • Less likely to be listed on Google

4 Steps to keeping your website updated

  • Backup regularly
  • Keep themes & plugins updated
  • Malware scans: use tool like Google Search Console
  • Uptime Monitoring

How to keep your website’s content updated

  • Review your site periodically
  • Use evergreen language: eg. “been in business since 1980” instead of “for 40 years”
  • Get an outsider to look at your website
  • Write a blog to keep content fresh