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February 24, 2022


11 minutes

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Using Email Automation to Scale Your Business

Sending and responding to emails are a time-consuming part of any professional’s life. Email automations can at least help with the marketing side of these messages.

Learn how you can use these automatic systems to save you time and grow your business. Just be careful—it’s easy to abuse email automations and make people think you’re a robot.

What are email automations?

  • Automated workflows that communicate with your audience
  • They’re triggered based on pre-set criteria
  • Used in most email marketing platforms like Mailchimp & Active Campaign
  • Sometimes called a customer journey, because that’s what they follow

Why use email automations?

  • Help you scale your work: setup one time and then optimize over time
  • They personalize the experience for your audience However, they can also get very complicated very quickly Forces you to think through what steps your audience takes
  • Create consistency so you’re not having to constantly churn out content Nurtures your audience over time and warms them up to be a customer

How do you make the most out of email automations?

  • Don’t overdo it.
  • All automation should lead to human interaction.
  • The “from” and “reply-to” are very important. If you have a “noreply” sending an email, just don’t do it. I changed banks because of this.
  • Actually respond when people reach out.
  • Here’s a humorous example of that from a car dealership with massive amounts of clunky email automation.

Examples of email automations

  • Welcome series: these generate better results for later emails
  • Client onboarding: preemptively answer your clients questions
  • Audience milestones: those birthday emails are really effective; celebrate something
  • Reengagement series: pull uninterested people back in, or auto unsubscribe them