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November 10, 2022


12 minutes

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Why Email is the Most Underrated Marketing Channel

There’s no shortage of ways to market your business online, but one is probably more underappreciated than all others. We’re talking about email marketing, and why it can be more powerful than other channels when used properly.

Why is email underrated?

  • People take email for granted. It’s kind of boring and reliable.
  • It’s been around forever and most people have it.
  • There are plenty of people who do email poorly.
  • We talked about spammy email in a previous episode.

Why is email so valuable?

  • You own your list. Not the platform it’s on.
  • Deliverability is high. Assuming you do email the right way.
  • Open rates are much higher than social reach rates.
  • It’s media rich—meaning you can include links and visuals.
  • Automation is much easier to accomplish—also talked about this in another episode.

How does email work with other marketing platforms?

  • Everything should point back to your website.
  • Use your social, podcast, and blogging content to drive emails.
  • People are often willing to give up their emails in exchange for lead generators.
  • Email is a way to nurture a lead you got from somewhere else.

What’s changing with email lately?

  • Email open rates are less reliable with Apple’s auto-open rates.
  • Email newsletters are making a comeback.