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October 27, 2022


8 minutes

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The Magic Email

What is the magic email?

  • It’s a way to get people’s attention in their inbox, but it’s kind of a last resort.
  • I (Mickey) heard about it from Blair Enns (2Bobs podcast).
  • The email is simply this: “Since I have not heard from you on this, I have to assume your priorities have changed.”

When do you use it?

  • When all else has failed. This is your Hail Mary.
  • After you’ve tried connecting with the person multiple times.
  • For example, Mickey reached out to a person five times with no response before sending the magic email. He then got a reply 26 minutes later.

When should you NOT use it?

  • Use it sparingly because the message is direct and snarky.
  • Not on any relationships you don’t mind losing. 
  • It often gets people to respond, but not always positively.

Why do you think it works?

  • Puts a bit of time pressure on. And some guilt, too.
  • There must be some psychology behind what gets people to finally respond.
  • “Works” is relative. A response is the main goal, though, and it works for that.